Saturday, August 8, 2009

August Ate...and ate and ate and ate til he bursted his waist-coat buttons!

Have been busy and have exploded today's history post with excess trivia.
In the vein of "eat, drink and be merry" - read, weep and memorise for tomorrow there'll be a pop quiz.
With the possibility of the winner getting the job of finishing the felt stuffed toys which are murdering my eyes lol.
Or not.

1834 Workhouses for the poor were started throughout fair Britain.
Poor buggers were better off transported to Oz in chains.
More info HERE.

1849 A convict ship The Randolph rocked up to Port Phillip but was told to bugger orf  to Syd-oh-knee by Guv La Trobe.
Goodness, we can't have that sort of person in our blessed Colony!

1900 NSW and Vic sent naval contingents to assist with the Boxer Rebellion in China.

1915 Lance Corporal Keysor won the VC at Lone Pine, Gallipoli.
1915 Lieutenant Symons won the VC at Lone Pine, Gallipoli.
1915 Wellington Brigade captured Chunuk Bair at Gallipoli.
1916 Battle for Mouquet Farm began, continuing until Sept 3rd.
1918 Battle for Amiens began consisting of Brits, Canucks and Aussies. 
1918 Lieutenant Gaby posthumously won the VC at Villers Brettoneux.

1945 Flooding in Shirley, Radley and Sumner.

1973 Wonderful green-fingered Edna Walling - born in England, emigrated to NZ and then Oz- passed over the garden gate into a native wildflower-filled field of her own dazzling design.
Read more about Edna HERE, HERE and HERE.

1984 New South Welshpersons were all a'quiver with excitement when Fri'dee night and Sat'dee arvo shopping was allowed.

1986 The NZ Homosexual Law Reform Act came into effect and, surprisingly, the whole country did not become gay, marriages did not suddenly collapse (heteros have been managing to divorce for decades without any help from the GLBT community) and the sky failed to fall in.
Oh dear, the redneck homophobes will have to think up something new....

1989 Geoffrey Palmer was appointed NZ PM after David Lange resigned due to poor party loyalties.

2006 Flooding occurred in Christchurch (similar to 1945) after 3 days of persistent precipitation.

BUT August will not be able to partake of food from community gardens in Fitzroy if the City of Yarra has its way and removes the already-established food gardens on nature strips to replace them
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  1. My great grandfather was orphaned and grew up in the Lutterworth workhouse. There's a great site at

  2. Love Love Love Edna Walling.