Saturday, August 1, 2009

August is supposed to be Winter but someone forgot to tell Spring that...

Exciting stuffs, boys and girls.
But not here.
Just the usual..oh, wait a tic...let's see what I've dragged up...
1994 Sometime in August a bushwalker going by the title of David Nobel found a fossil tree going by the title of Wollemia nobilis, known today as the Wollemi Pine a mere hop, skip and jump from the biggest city in Oz.
Now, that was thrilling, eh?
Well....alright, how about...
1790 D'Arcy Wentworth sailed for Norfolk Island in the ship Surprize and convict Catherine Crowley pupped their son William Wentworth in Cascade Bay.
I'm sure Catherine found that stirring enough.
Doesn't tickle your fancy?
Um...ok, try this on for size...
1797 Soldiers on the convict transport ship Lady Shore had a massive tanty and mutinied; they killed the captain and first mate, chucked any loyal crew into boats and sailed off into the sunset for Montevideo where the ship was impounded.
Bit of an anti-climax that, eh?
Ok, let's get current...
1882 Aussie poet Henry Kendall popped his clogs.
Louisa Lawson, mother of Aussie poet Henry Lawson, bought a plot beside Henry Kendall's original grave to accommodate the large memorial she began fund raising for - only to have the Sydney upper crust take over and shift poor old Henry Kendall up the hill leaving Louisa with a grave plot that eventually welcomed another Henry, instead.
More current, you say...?
1957 In a strange round-about coincidence Bertha Lawson, widow of Henry who was buried just down the hill from Henry Kendall 35 years previously, gave up eating and drinking, too, on this day.
That's not quite classed as ancient history, I think you're being dramatic.....what about...
1971 Everyone in NSW was told to belt up.
In their cars.
No? Not current enough?
Pfft, picky, picky.
1975 A nasty gale ripped through Canterbury and the district causing much damage to forests and surrounds; over 200 people were injured in the 172 km per hour wind.
Not your cup of tea?
*sigh* You're getting a bit fussy...
1987 The first NZ lotto draw took place.
Obviously I didn't win or I wouldn't be prattling on here....well, I would, actually, just to keep my hand in, so to speak...
1987 Also saw the Maori Language Act come into force where re Maori was officially recognised as a language of NZ and could be used in legal proceedings.
For more info click HERE.
That was pretty damn galvanising, for the Maori people.

And a big Happy Birthday to all the horses.


  1. Ahem - what ammounts to the discovery of a *disnosaur* living in good numbers on Sydney's door step is VERY exciting to some of us. Especially when some of us have worked in for the same organisation that domesticated it and brought it into mass production as a conservation measure, often sneaking into the high tech glasshouse merely to fondle the leaves of the first few clones and dream of one day owning such a tree.
    Oh alright ... just exciting to the weird botanists amongst your readers then.... ;)

  2. Some great reading there Jayne!
    Re the horses birthday, I used to make my horse a cake out of lucern and hay.. yummo :)

  3. Of course, those of us who can't spell also need to provide interpretations for teh odd word like *dinosaur* and not some sort of disny mutant.

  4. LOL Amanda, I thought it was exciting, too ;)
    There was fondling of leaves, too?!

    LOL Sounds like fun, Cazzie ;)

    I'd never consider disny mutants in relation to the fossil matter how much Shrek begged, Amanda :P

  5. "1971 everyone in NSW was told to belt up"

    I remember the TV ads that started with "belt up your kids..."

  6. Thanks for the mention!

    Didn't know about all the musical chairs going on at Waverley Cemetery!