Sunday, August 9, 2009

August the X when A Kiwi, an Aussie and a Canuck walk into a bar.....

Is it wrong to be excited that there will be a 3rd series of Lark Rise to Candleford ?
"No", did you say?
Excellent, I knew you had good taste!
Have been looking into Flora Thompson who penned the books, she was a prolific lady with some lovely things to share. A lot have complained that they don't believe the England portrayed in the series ever existed but it existed in her books, in her heart and mind and, I think, a belief of it still lives on in the fans of the books and series.

1497 John Cabot got a pat on the head and £10 pocket money from King Henry VII for finding a lump of dirt now known as Canada.

1840 Heading off a group of French ships the British ship HMS Britomart hoisted the Union Jack at Banks Peninsula to claim it for Great Britain,

1857 That rollicking leader in fashion Melbourne Town had its oil lamps replaced by *gasp* Gas Lamps!!!
Gosh, that'll make 'em think they're it and a bit!

1877 A strike of  stonecutters and masons caused a halt to the construction of the Quebec Parliamanet Buildings.

1891 Godfrey Shaw ran the 440 yards hurdles on the Isle of Man in 57.2 seconds which made him the very first NZer to set any kind of World Record, even unofficially.
Thinking of that running thing makes me break out in hives....

1915 Corporal Burton won the VC at Lone Pine, Gallipoli.
1915 Corporal Dunstan won the VC at Lone Pine, Gallipoli.
1915 Private Hamilton won the VC at Lone Pine, Gallipoli.
1915 Corporal Bassett, from NZ, won the VC at Chunuk Bair.
1915 Captain Shout, originally from NZ, posthumously won the VC at Lone Pine.
1915 Captain Tubb won the VC at Lone Pine.
1918 Private Beatham, originally from Cumberland UK, posthumously won the VC at Rosieres.
1918 Corporal Brereton, from Canada, won the VC at Amiens.
1918 Private Croak, from Canada, posthumously won the VC at Amiens.
1918 Corporal Coppin, from Canada, won the VC at Hackett Woods.
1918 Corporal Good, from Canada, won the VC at Hangard Wood.
1918 Corporal Miner, from Canada, posthumously won the VC at Demuin.
1942 HMAS Canberra was sunk.
1945 Nagasaki was bombed.

1932 In Victoria Square, Canterbury, the statue of Captain James Cook was unveiled.

1966 Brian Parks of Winnipeg won the World Bridge Trophy.

1993 At Secretary Island, Auckland, Stewart Island and Sydney they were rocking and rolling from the 7.0 earthquake ( or "event" as they're known).
Read about it HERE....while I go superglue myself to something my bath-tub...oh wait, that's cyclones...

2003 Britain sweltered in record high temps when the mercury hit 38.1C or 101.6F in the old money.
Read more HERE.
So a home cooked roast is out of the question, I suppose...?


  1. You me and ?
    I don't care about the punchline as long as we had a grand time.

  2. Oil lamps sound particularly smokey. I suppose some wall and ceiling cleaners lost their jobs when gas lighting was installed. Maybe a wick trimmer and oil filler too.

  3. 38.1 C



    it's the door frame during earthquakes m'dear

  4. T'would probably be Lisa from Timespanner in the bar with us, Elizabeth, yakking our heads off nineteen to the dozen ;)

    Wick trimmer.
    Sorry, the juvenile side came to the fore then, Andrew :P

    Ahhh, that's the one, ta, B.

  5. Thought I should drop by and say hi...I have a bucket load of reading to catch up on, and I can see heaps of it is here...YOIKS!
    Hope all has been well?
    Seems to have been at any rate...

  6. LOL, Yep, Mo, things are all good ;)