Thursday, August 13, 2009

Augustus Thirteeneth strikes...Yet Again!!!

 I have my brand spankin' new Miner's Right (Shall I re-enact Eureka? No? Yes, you're right, too messy and cold) and am busting to get out to start fossicking*.
But Feral Beast is working on his final assignment for his 2nd unit and is about to start his 3rd unit.
This is photography, we'll have fun with this one!
But I can't go an' play til he's weady, hmph.
And the metal detector (Aldi special) needs christianing....I might pop out to the back yard...just to calibrate it, you understand...?
*Fossicking for real, not hiding a body in the vegie patch for a change.

Today saw the first issue of The Daily Witness, another fish wrapper newspaper from Quebec.
You may view the online records of The Daily Witness HERE.

Flo Nightingale dropped off the twig.
Thank the holy fluck for that.
That woman was a menace, setting all the rules and regulations nurses still follow most of today.
Like letting a patient have a call-bell, for starters....and not Tontining them at all, hmph.

The Aussie Red Cross was established by the fantastic-sounding Lady Helen Hermoine Munro Ferguson.
She sounds like she would have been fascinating to have a chinwag with over a pot of tea...or three.

That Princes Highway that trots between Sydney and Melbourne was officially opened at Warragul.
Yeah, I know, go figure!
Or don't, as the case may be.

Yes, I know I'm a bit behind with the news but was just reading The Koorie Mail yesterday and saw that the Torres Strait Islands want to secede to self-govern.
Good on 'em, they're adults who know their arse from their elbow (pity the same can't be said of most pollies in govt). They've only been requesting it since 1988, more details HERE.
Grown people shouldn't be treated to restrictive laws that do nothing but protect mainland interests.
Oops, starting to sound like I might give a shit here.

The sunken Scottish barque HMS Breadalbane was found with some of her rigging and sails intact.
For more info click HERE.

Ronald Dossenbach had a bit of time on his hands so he got on his bike and pedaled across Canada from Vancouver to Halifax in "only" 13 days and 15 hours.

Former NZ PM the sharp-witted David Lange passed away.
Now, he made me laugh, worth his weight in chocolate milkshakes, Salt & Vinegar chips and Gold, was Mr Lange.

The Australian Coalition for Equality was launched on the 1st anniversary of the then-Fed Parliament's amendment to the Marriage Act which made it for opposite sex couples only.
Annnnnnnnnnd.....we're still stuck with the same bucket of shit, different level.
Some sportsman has been "pinched" by the Kiwis to play some game or other for them.
There IS a Goddess!
Can we interest you in many, many other sporting types, free to good homes?
Oh, alright, you don't have to give them a 'good' home...

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