Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bucketing Saturday August 29

Am working my way through the talking books, currently part-way through a Dalziel and Pascoe mystery at the moment, and waiting for a few more on back order.

1836 Explorer Thomas Mitchell pitched up at Portland Bay in Victoria and found the Henty mob were already in residence.

1874 Tightrope walker extraordinaire Charles Blondin cooked and et an omelet in mid-rope amble above the Sydney Domain.

1883 The first meal charred cooked on an electric stove was done to a crisp in the Windsor Hotel in Ottawa with Thomas Ahearn showing off his pride and joy invention.

1914 NZ forces captured German Samoa.

1919 Prince Edward Island, famous setting of Anne of Green Gables, removed the ban on cars.

1978 Number one single in NZ was Rivers of Babylon by Bony M.

1981 Adelaide played host to the 7th National Conference for Lesbians and Homosexual Men.

1987 Jocelyn Muir finished swimming around Lake Ontario after 60 days.
She raised $250,000 for MS and set a new record for an international marathon.

1992 The Sydney Harbour Tunnel was opened.

1994 Canadian Carlos Costa swam for more than 23 hours to cross the Straits of Messina, in Italy, to become the first disabled athlete to complete the crossing.


  1. Carlos Costa, I remember that event, amazing!
    Talking books are great, some of my patients listen to them, better than them reading when they are so worn out. Relaxing also.

  2. And the opening of the Sydney Harbour Tunnel cured Sydney Harbour Bridge traffic problems once and for all. Cough cough.

  3. Hmmm Boney M. We had their greatest hits cassette, side one would see us all the way from Puckapunyal to Melbourne, side two would see us home again. Even the kids were word perfect singing along.

  4. There's a Sydney Harbour Tunnel?!!?!

    News travels slowly to this part of the world ;)

  5. I have a Boney M record!

    Read the latest Dalziel and Pascoe, loved it and and have now started at the very beginning. Finished book one and waiting on book two.

    I love finding a series with lots of books already written.

  6. *by the rivers of babylon
    where we sat down
    yeah we wept
    when we remembered our dumb families*

    Oh that's not how it goes?

  7. I loved Boney M! My favourite was Nightflight to Venus. BTW have you tried Librivox yet?