Monday, August 3, 2009

Can a period of style be the root cause of the politicians we have?

See what happens when you let the other half off the leash and he romps with glee at a jewellery course?
He brings home  ....
Fossilised shells in sandstone from France.
More fossils but home grown somewhere in Oz.
Fossilised oysters from Dartmoor in Vic.
Opal came into its own and really flourished in the Art Deco period (oh, yes, I am so going there, Madden) being styled for the masses at an affordable price in the popular decorative manner everyone was wearing, it blended beautifully with the Art Deco clothing, furniture, architecture, cars and bric-a-brac.
Enamel was the weapon of choice at the time in which to display this precious gem and each suited the other like a match made in Art Deco heaven.
With an upswept hairstyle tamed under a hat of the current fashion and dictated to that stockings, shoes, skirts below the knee and prim jackets were de rigour women were left with little choice in the bling dept but opal broaches, earrings, necklaces, hat pins and rings set a sparkling background for many a gal to lure her future spouse into marriage in the Art Deco period.
But for the allure of opal at that time many of our pollies would not be here with us today.
*As there is no more Time Team on the History channel, nor Hot Men on Boats (Sea Patrol) on channel 9 and ABC is giving us the final Time Team tomorrow night I shall be looking at the Art Deco period much, much MUCH more closely.


  1. That is what we need, more elegance and less effluence from our politicians.

    (crossing fingers effluence means what I think it means).

  2. You mean we get the supreme double-header (and I'm not talking about what lurks in my bedside drawers) art-deco goodness and some politician pissing-off? I'm in. See you front and centre!

  3. My mother has given me two opal rings over the years. Odd really, since I don't wear jewellery, visible anyway, and I find opals a bit gaudy. Pretty though.

  4. I love opals....... remind me of a childhood trip to lightening ridge......