Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Come on a walk with moi and Native Fungi Child...

Beware if you have an issue with heights!
Or not.
Feral Beast and I tramped from Mordy to Hampton yesterday, this time WITH a camera.
My computer tells me there were 400 pics to upload so grab a plate of sangas, take notes and there will be several intermissions for smokers to pop outside for a fag or 3.

Mordy train station.
Nurturing a shrub in its chimney stack.

The big hand says,
"It's time for lunch!"
Mordy main street Art Deco clock.

Obligatory band rotunda at Mordy Beach.

Showers not showering at Mordy Beach.

Some sand dune learnin' for you.

Promenade to Mordy Beach; clean, calm and not a soul in sight!

Such a hardship, wandering along the promenade at Mordy...

The good old Mordy Pier that has seen many a mad-arsed teen jump off the end into the icy water in Summers gone by.
Not that I'd know, of course *ahem*.

Mordy Life Saving Club.

See that headland waaaay in the distance?
That's where we're heading, boys and girls.
So, pull up your socks and let's go!

Foreshore on one side....

...and glorious beach on the other.

For several days Johnny Jellyfish felt like he'd been swimming through sand...

Long and lanky, skinny and cranky 
is Feral Beast.

Jellyfish mooning the passing parade.

Beginnings of signs of unstable cliffs.

Mother Nature was oh so kind to include a safety rail for silly pink monkeys when she created these rock pools...

Rocks...rock pools...water...

The warm sun...gentle breeze... water lapping at the toasty sand...
Tempted yet to dabble your tootsies in the ripples?

It's not like anyone will catch you wading in the middle of the Southern Hemisphere Winter...

Art Deco-era crazy stone pathway.
Yes, that is an incline you see.
These paths were forever inclining upwards.

Pegleg Pete never dared venture down to Parkdale Beach after getting stuck in the rocks...


  1. Many childhood hours spent in that rotunda.

  2. If that rotunda could only tell the tales it has witnessed over the umpteen years...!

  3. Mother nature is amazing how she protects the pink monkeys....... lol