Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Continuing our ramble....

Another scene of many a mis-spent youth.

Some of the revetments to enforce the cliffs.
Somewhat akin to pissing in the wind but I may be wrong....

I think I got 'em all.
Great memories on the capping of the promenade wall along the beaches.

The promenade changes with each council.

A very endangered jetty.
Verging on extinction.

Art Deco-era beach bench seats built into the cliffs.
Again, the styles changed with each (former) council boundary.

The sign on the seat claims the seat was made from recycling 1,500 2 litre plastic containers.
More Art Deco-style inclinations....


  1. The plaques are great. Almost inspires me to walk the distance. Maybe do the St Kilda astrological walk soon.

  2. LOL Andrew.
    Stick to the promenade, the beach sand makes you work twice as hard to walk the distance ;)