Sunday, August 2, 2009

Eskimo Pie with a side serving of bottle brush washed down the storm water drain

Go nuts, kids, there's writing BUT with pictures to keep you entertained while we watch/listen to the Russian movies sans sub-titles.
Who knows - I may feel the urge to get in character by either starting to do the Cossack dance or down a few cases of vodka.
Or both.

It's Ice Cream Sandwich Day.
So, trot off and try to scare up an Eskimo Pie and let's see who recalls the old jingle,
"Eskimo Pie,
Give it a try,
Vanilla or Peppermint,
My Oh My"

257 St Stephan 1, the pope, was executed.
I've often found it doesn't pay to argue with the majority vote on some things....

Spring has sprung, the grass is riz, I wonder where the birdies is?
They say the bird is on the wing, 
Aint that absurd! 
I always thought the wing was on the bird...

1852 Sometime this month the Melbourne & Hobson's Bay Railway Company was pupped while the prospectus was doing the rounds for the Geelong & Melbourne Railway Company.
Fine businesses the both of 'em, yes, invest to your last red cent...I'm almost certain they'll be worth every last puff of steam...

1908 Ballyconeely in Ireland played host to a phantom town of different architectural style that appeared in the sky for 3 hours.

Another storm water drain letting all that potentially recyclable water disappear out to sea.

1912 Gorgeous and gay Aussie actress Gwen Plumb was dropped off by the stork.
Further scant details HERE.

1955 The God-send of every wife, Velcro was patented.
Which meant we could finally tape our husbands mouths shut.
Or is that just me...?

Delicious Cheltenham railway station with that lovely chimney, lichen-loved-up slate roof and some handsome palm trees peeking over the top.

1983 As the USS Texas, a nuclear-powered ship, popped into Auckland it sparked a huge anti-nuclear protest.
Read more HERE.

1989 Allan Border captained the Oz cricket team to break the drought and win the Ashes for the first time since 1934.
Please, can't we have Border out of mothballs to replace Ponting?
Or Lilliee?
Merv Hughes?
Even Kim Hughes?!
State Savings Bank of Victoria.
Hands up those who remember this extinct beast?
Extra Brownie points if you've still got a State Savings Bank book stuffed up the back of the 3rd drawer down in the kitchen...


  1. I think the under 6's from Outer Bumf*** could do a better job than the whiney turds that we laughingly call our cricket team.

  2. "Eskimo Pie, Give it a try..."
    There's one I've never heard before, and I thought I remembered most of the old ads.
    That old Cheltenham Railway Station reminds me of the old Port Pirie Railway Station. It was built of stone and stood almost at the end of the Main Street, the lines ran down the middle of the street much as a tram line does. I saw it first when I was 5, we rode the "Bluebird" from Adelaide to Port Pirie, arriving in the middle of the night (probably only about 8pm or so, could have been later, it was very dark), and we had nowhere to stay, so we (mum, dad, 3 kids) were allowed to live upstairs in the Gasworks place that was hiring my Dad until we found a place, which didn't take long. We soon moved into a Housing Trust place.

    I didn't know Velcro had been around that long...