Monday, August 17, 2009

The Ex and cars

Was just replying to Elizabeth about how my ex grilled me in Holden car recognition skills and I've occasionally wondered if he might be on the Spectrum.
Or nudging it at least.
He was ( probably still is) obsessed with Holdens, taught me to recognise them and tell them apart by just a badge or tail light or shape of a rear window - that last was the HD 'Hurriedly Designed' Holden (from memory) with its rectangle shape.
He even had me rattling off the year, make and model of different by the shape/style of the badge on the rear of the car when we'd be out on long drives across the state (he travelled long distances with work and the kids and I would often go with him).
I can't begin to tell you how thrilling this game was or how much it enhanced my social life.
*crickets chirping*
He thought of Fords as scrap metal so would not even consider learning the badges or year makes of any of them - the look of horror on his face when I suggested it was quite funny to see.
I swear he almost cried buckets when one of our neighbours refused to sell him the old 2 door Monaro that was (still is almost 30 yrs later) sinking into the backyard.

I was always rather keen on the old classics like the FB, EK, FC, etc, cars with their big busty 1950s-1960s curves and enough draughts to call it air-con, and wanted to buy one (or 3) to restore....but this horrified the ex who only lusted after the newest, the most bells and whistles, the Car That Had Everything (yeah, yeah, small man syndrome).
I think the most hurtful of the division of our belongings during the divorce was when I claimed my (bought it myself) Holden History Book with the pics and blueprints for the prototypes that never made it to the production line.
The ex was truly heartbroken and shattered.
2 Sundays in a row there have been the traditional classic cars out in Oakleigh that make me think there really might be "little old ladies who only drive them to church" - the other week it was a Holden HT Brougham in a dark cherry red (original duco and rego, mint condition cream leather seats and my drool on the footpath) yesterday it was a Chrysler VG Valiant in almost similar duco colour and equally fantastic condition making me a happy lil classic car freak.


  1. I can understand the drool. The thing I can't understand is the men I date seem to have no interest in anything automotive. It makes we weep tears of bitter transmission fluid. Just last week I was behind the wheel of an SS Sportwagon manual, the Husbear's response? "Oh, it's a manual - I can't drive them" Sinner, I'm considering that grounds for divorce, good thing he wasn't in the country at the time.

    Jayne, seeing as you know a thing or two about Holdens I reckon you're a top bird. We should get married some time!

  2. Meh. A car is a car is a car.....

  3. So you can do Valiants as well. I had a VF. Like the VG, it had useless front indicators that pointed towards the sky. They went like rockets and were strong with beautiful Hemi motors, but alas they never stopped as well as they accelerated, not that they were alone there. I am feeling wet over the HT Brougham. Fighting the urge to go to Ebay.

  4. Mutant, I must tell you how excited The Spouse when he heard you'd proposed - thought he was finally rid of me ;)
    I think he wants to buy you a beer or 3 lol.

    It's all in the beholder, River ;)

    Valiants not so much, Andrew, just love the lines and styles.
    The Brougham has been loitering in someone's garage in cotton wool, I suspect.

  5. I drove a valiant in the late 70's. I have no idea what model but it was green. It was a stripped down/basic version with plastic seats and what seemed to be a rubber floor. It had a heater and a radio, automatic with power steering.
    Did I mention it was green?
    Hubby enjoyed the car links. :)

  6. one of my high school b/f's had a valiant ute, another had a valiant charger they were doing up (that's where I learned more about cars than I ever wanted to know lol)

    And everyone with half a brain knows ford stands for 'found on rubbish dump'

    Us? We drive a camry. Reliability without the holden pricetag. lol

  7. We had a white Brougham for a while. The ex bought it purely because the previous owners had installed seven speakers in it, including one in the boot (so that music could still be heard when rummaging for the spare tyre I suppose....) It didn't last any longer than any of our other cars, he drove them all to death within two years or thereabouts.