Monday, August 31, 2009

Flexing the odd muscle (car) at yesterday's Wattle Festival

The day for the Wattle Festival started out with good promise -
Found this splendid Hecla iron on one of our fav stalls at the Sunday market. Our fav (very reliable) seller had dated it between mid-1940s to mid-1950s Taylor iron made by Hecla.
She's a lovely thing, all green enamel-ly and weighs in at 9.5 kgs on my bathroom scales. The iron, not the stall seller.
No wonder kids were properly respectful of a woman who could wield one of them without breaking a sweat!

On the way to the festival there were the usual gorgeous old architecture ( a lot of Art Deco but shhhhh) and the usual lusty, busty chimneys or 3.
There was a steam train.

Diamond Creek wasn't very diamond-like.

One of many vintage vehicles puttering about.

Yes, vintage vehicles of all eras were puttering galloping about!


Had an absolute ball meeting up with Marita and her gorgeous girls again, was a fab day out that we all enjoyed.
Love Hurstbridge, it's got a country town atmosphere but within easy reach of the CBD.
May try to tackle the Hurstbridge Heritage trail next!


  1. Hurstbridge is great and the train trip to there lovely. I'll be looking out for your tribe with iron burn marks all over their clothes.

  2. Sonds like a fab day out. Hubby took the kids to a truck show the previous weekends and they were suitably impressed.

  3. We went there two years ago and we loved it in Hurstbridge!

  4. I love that horse drawn wagon.

  5. Glad to know you weren't talking about my neck. *grin*

    Hubby liked the car shots. I can drag him just about anywhere if there is the promise of old cars.

  6. That sounds fantastic - and the iron is impressive!!

  7. "Our fav (very reliable) seller had dated it between mid-1940s to mid-1950s Taylor iron made by Hecla."

    I take it you couldn't afford a new one.

  8. Been dribbling over that Monaro!!! They were the best car ever, particularly the ones with Chevy motors in them, as this one has...they went like the clappers, and I know from first hand experience...
    Sounds like a fab day was had..Hurstbridge is a beautiful place for many of your posts make me home sick!
    Having said that, it's taken me days to catch up...slow down dammit!

  9. Jeebus-farking-christ. I'm so hard right now. My car-nut status refuses to settle. Thanks for bringing this one to my attention!

  10. LOL Andrew.

    We rode in them last year, River, great fun!

    LOL Elizabeth, boys and their toys... ;)

    She's got pride of place atm, Jeanie, flattening my cross-stitch work lol.

    But...but...but it is a new one, Brian...isn't it? :P

    Phwoar those Monaro's were the hottest things in person, Mo, the big boys couldn't stay away, flocking like bees to a honey pot lol.

    Thought of you when I saw a cherry red mustang driving up the main drag of Hurstbridge, M, shortly followed by an LC Torana in mint perfect (restored) condition.