Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I warned you there was a hefty number of pics....

Sorry it's blurry.
Beach shelter for those determined to have their barbie/picnic when the weather turns on 'em.

Showing the weathering on the sandstone of the above shelter.

Whopping great log used to frame the doorway.

Mother Nature merely playing with us mere mortals and our piddly structures.

Art Deco bench seat - showing details of water gutter and cliff re-enforcement behind seat (these were often hidden by grass).

Crazy-stone pathway inclining ever upwards.
In most spots the mortar has weathered away turning them into dry-stone jigsaw-type walls.

One of several beach access paths no longer in use,
with nature claiming back the crazy-stone masonry.

This was directly beneath the disused pathway so would be contemporary in date-
not sure of it's original use; maybe for children/ladies to wash sand from their feet, as the crazy-stone flagstone floor inclines down towards the beach?
Possibly original shower?

Life Saving Clubs.
A damn worthwhile investment of donated funds.

These men are infamous in their ability to not notice that it is below freezing point.

Becoming a common sight as we venture further onward, these revetments.
Changing promenade again; large bluestone gutter to cope with volume of water run-off from cliffs.

Small brass screws were noted every couple of metres.
Obviously there to stop the coast from floating to Tassie.

Changing again with re-vegetation areas attempting to stablise cliffs.

Such a pretty spot and, look!
It comes complete with its own storm-water pipe...

Seat style changing again with suburb boundary.

Further along now just pretend you didn't notice the ugly storm water drain...

Top pic is the beginning of the Coastal Art Trail showing the spot from waaay in the distant past.
Lower pic shows how much erosion and introduced weeds have changed the area.

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  1. my uncle who lives in the 'Gong swims every morning year round.

    I dunno how they do it!