Saturday, August 15, 2009

If you are reading this....

Then you know I went bushwalking with Feral Beast yesterday and I think we did pretty well on our own.
We meandered around Gembrook Park.
Well, meandered isn't quite correct...we hiked the different tracks, spotted enough evidence (piles of poop) to support the statement that wombats are alive and thriving in the park, disturbed a couple of hoppity marsupial-type critters that everyone says we should start eating and enough fungi to line the Munsters wardrobe.
Yes, plenty of photos...of fungi due to the ever-constant call of the native child,
" Mum! Mum! More fungi! Bracket fungi! Orange fungi! Tiny fungi! OOOOOOO...Black fungi!!!"
Was tempted to report him to the rangers as a new species and leave him in his natural habitat.
There were birds and bird calls galore, kookaburras wetting their pants at the silly pink monkeys, dead yabbies and breeding holes in the track, spiders spinning madly and the faint trickle of water faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar down below us.
Oh, yeah, faint is right.
I think the creek bed would faint if a decent flow ever made itself known.
Everything is green and covered in moss or lichen and is damp but there aint no water worth mentioning in Cockatoo Creek.
Now for the pitchers....
 First off we 'did' the cemetery.
May I say I cannot recommend the Gembrook Cemetery highly enough for anyone after a peaceful resting place where loved ones will happily visit to drink your health (and pour the remainder of the whisky over your grave).
Sheer tranquility!
The Rosellas and grass parrots agree.

Yes, the Callithumpians knew when they were classed as "others".

Twisted sista.

Centenary Log.

 Proof I wasn't lost in my own backyard.

The Romans did teach us a thing or two...
In ditch building.


More Trees.

It's a big'un.

Such a fertile spot it even sprouts hay.
Already baled.

"Mum! Bracket fungi!"
screeched Native Fungi Child...

Postcards from the bush...

Dead crab yabbie thing Feral Beast wanted to bring home.
Which his cruel mother refused.


  1. The twisted tree is weird. I wonder what caused it to grow like that?

  2. FB and I were trying to figure that out, Andrew.
    Couldn't come up with any realistic idea!