Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It's so bloody dry that.....

  • If the Aussie cricket team weren't in England in Summer they wouldn't have seen rain for a year.
  • Kids are now encouraged to pee in the pool.
  • If the Aussie cricket team weren't in England the Poms wouldn't have seen any ducks.
  • Birds are building nests out of barbed wire.
  • This keeps up and we'll be able to walk to NZ and claim it as our 7th state.
  • The Methodists are sprinkling, the Catholics are spitting and the Baptists are handing out rain checks.
  • They're going to get the pool cleaner in to tidy up Bass Strait and use it for the next Olympic swim trials.
  • Dogs are marking their territory with chalk lines.
  • We've learnt to eat our coffee beans raw.
  • The river only runs once a week.

Got more?
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  1. Classic Jayne... not sure I can match those!

    It's as dry as a wooden god up here... as dry as a Bushie's sense of humour... so dry we say 'thanks' when someone spits! (and a couple of other things I ain't quite game to publish!!).

  2. It is so dry that Adelaidians are drinking salt water......oh, they are.

  3. It's as dry as an Egyptian mummy's jockstrap, as they say...although not round these parts, of course. In Blighty the ducks are building periscopes.

  4. "The river only runs once a week." But does it run on time?
    It's so dry my goldfish are learning to walk.