Saturday, August 8, 2009

Nine, nine, nine, nine, nine, nine, nine, nine, nien, nine, nine, nine

I haff a widdle sniffle.
I haff more dan a widdle sneezus.
*choo* *choo*
I amb combing down wif somding nasdy.
*cue horror music*
So I will make dis short.

1870 Da Melbourne Town Hall was officially opened.
Which is bizarre as it was a Tuesday.
Did da Lord Mayor have a full dance card for eberry Friday and Saturday night, ooo er?

1908 Da Great White Fleet rocked up in Auckland, a big show of American naval force that toured the world.
It also popped in for a cuppa at Oz, too.
Read more about it HERE.

1930 George Nepia played his last match with the All Blacks.
Click HERE for more info on this talented player.

1966 Airedale Courts was opened in Christchurch.
For a REALLY detailed history of Christchurch click HERE.

Sorry it's so uninspired today - reading like my form 3 history teacher's lesson plan which cured insomnia with the first sentence - but I Will Try Harder Tomorrow...and I may learn to share my toys by then, too.


  1. "I amb combing down wif somding nasdy."

    If you start making little pig noises I'm out of here.

  2. Woo! Much chuffedness from Godzone -- three outta four dates in the post to do with li'l ol' us! (Woo hoo!)

    May the snuffiness and general ucky feeling leave you soon, Jayne, you poor soul. You have my sympathies. I'd pass you tissues as well if I lived closer. Take care.

  3. Oh gosh, please don't send that virus through my computer....

  4. You need to tell that sniff to get snuffed!