Wednesday, August 19, 2009

No, wait, there's still more...!

Details of the painting and spot.

Explaining why that little reserve is called Moysey Gardens.

Still at Moysey Gardens.

Remains of jetty, bluestone wall and beach below the point where the paintings were painted.
The pelicans were a delightful bonus, one soon being joined his/her friend with a gull out on the far post.

Other end of now-inaccessible cove.
Unable to park on the postage-stamp-sized nature strip, this tree seemed to do just nicely!

More history from a mere painting; susso workers built the bluestone promenades around the coast with stone from Melbourne Gaol.
Click to enlarge to read the rest.

A tiny bit of promenade peeking out from under nature.

The cliffs, and promenade, as they look today.
Not a hint of beach to be seen anywhere.

A rock pool beach coming up!
Note of what once stood on this rocky beach.

Looking back towards the previous coves/beaches we had walked above but couldn't access.

Boat jetty.
Or bird perch.

Plenty of rock pools for Feral Beast to peer into.

Nature carving her own mark.

Black snail is a carnivorous cannibal.
All those perfect little round holes found on shells?
That's the work of this beastie boring through the shell to get his supper.
Sickly looking sea star.
No, I resisted giving it mouth-to-mouth...

Last pic for the day before we launch into Watkins Bay tomorrow; looking back towards the rocky beach and previous coves.


  1. I just love it! I am gunna do that sometime soon! Thanks for the lesson!

  2. Hope you have as much fun as we did :)

  3. I love sandstony cliffs. They are so rugged and awesome.

  4. and now I will turn the computer over to hubby so he can visit as well.

  5. Thanks, Frances, I think I've got a fair few more tucked away to post ;)

    Glad to hear you're enjoying them, Elizabeth, Got some more to go ;)