Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturdays just aren't safe with me on the loose!

My feet have almost recovered though I doubt those runners are ever gonna smell normal again.
I have had An Adventure....of sorts.
Feral Beast is learning Russian and I had a parent-teacher meeting this arvo.
Between you, me and the fence post his teacher thinks he's "just lovely" but don't you dare tell him!
Anyways he's fab at reading, writing and translating written Russian but not the listening/understanding and speaking part as we only mangle the English language at home.
So she told me where to go find a Russian DVD shop in North Rd Ormond and I promptly did an Andrew and worked out how to get there by public transport (which didn't happen).
I walked from waaaay down past the East Boundary pub up to Centre Rd where the heavens opened.
Tip-toing between the rain drops whilst juggling an umbrella and trying to throw a steak and mushroom pie down my neck was...interesting. The pie instantly began giving me heartburn, serves myself right.
Do you think buses go along East Boundary Rd? Nope, not a dickie bird of one.
Although some people in cars goggled at A Person Walking In The Rain. Should sell tickets next time and make my fortune.
I reached North Rd and the bus stop time table told me a bus was due at 1.26....which didn't really help as I'm not in the habit of wearing a sun dial on my person nor did I have a mobile phone and judging by the sky it was 3 rain clouds past a storm with not any chance of hail.
So I kept on walking.
The 1.26 bus eventually swanned past with many a horrified body on board staring at me as if I were stark staring bonkers...I felt like I was Forrest Gump in the Gump and bajillions of people were about to start following me everywhere just because I Was Walking!
They'd have no flipping idea why they would be walking but they'd be the usual sheep and just copy someone doing something out of the ordinary. At this point I must admit I, too, once considered my legs merely painted on but of late my legs and I have come to an agreement over usage - I'll get up off my rump more often and they'll not complain until I'm done for the day. It's an arrangement that seems to be working quite well, to date.
Anyway, I distracted myself with photos.

Art Deco shop fronts

Isn't she splendid?
Like a ship in full sail ready to take off down Port Phillip Bay and out through the heads!

Art Deco balls.

Mini-flying buttresses.

 Obligatory chimney .
 And finally got to the Russian DVD shop where I explained my dilemma, the very bubbly blonde gal picked out a trilogy of historical adventures for FB and I was once more plodding in the direction of home.
At this point I'd like to point out I'd given up hope of ever sighting a bus and, sure enough, I was not to eyeball one until near Mackie Road.
I wonder if the driver heard me claim that his parents weren't married?
I tap-danced onwards, past the cheesecake shop that was no longer open to the public as it was after 1pm *sob*, past the very splendid wrought iron, antique and cabinet makers shops near Tucker Rd, past the corset specialist, past the now defunct Stax of Slax that Mick Molloy soooo loved, past the sign chortling at me that it was another 4 kms to Oakleigh

 Can you feel the smugness oozing from the sign?
 past the bakery that has photos of young, muscly lads behind the cash register that screams "looking for wives" and offering a mobile phone number to serious contenders ( sorry, boys and gals, the eyesight couldn't pick out the digits), past the many gorgeous examples of Art Deco architecture until I finally found my front door 8 kms later and leaned on the bell until The Spouse opened it for me while lovingly, tenderly and oh-so-caringly asking,
"Where the bloody hell have you been till this time?"

One of the houses in our street.


  1. I love the art deco houses. Always makes me sad when I see beautiful houses being knocked down and modern kit houses being put up. :(

    Love the artwork on that house in your street, it would be so cool to walk past that each day.

  2. That is a beautiful old house for sure, and the one in your street with the flowers, I love it.

    I used to be able to walk 8kms without giving it a second thought. Now I can just manage to get home from work.

  3. I do so enjoy the misery of others, so was in stitches reading your rain soaked melodrama.

    Then you mentioned something which very quickly grasped my attention. I need to know more, in fact I need to know everything about... the corset shop! Oh how I pine for a restrictive, uncomfortable, immovable, steel-boned, slim-enforcing corset!

    Go on, make me the happiest man on the planet!

  4. Sorry you had to walk but I know you really did it so you could take photos for me.