Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Senuous aural temptations

Am trying to track down an audio recording of Earthly Delights, the book by Kerry Greenwood.
Apparently only 1 library in the whole State of Beige Victoria has a copy...?!
Am not certain if this is correct so shall keep hunting.
If no other holdings show up I shall be galloping Shanks' Pony over to Ascot Vale to add another library card to my extensive collection.
Don't ask, long story full of feathers, jelly wrestling, angst and a green leather fetish.
And the occasional slice of pecan danish.

1867 T'was a public holiday for all Kiwis to commemorate John Robert Godley.
1915 Saw the beginning of the Battle of Lone Pine at Gallipoli.
1936 Jack Lovelock won the 1,500 Olympic gold medal for NZ.
1945 The first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima.


  1. I loved that Kerry Greenwood book.

    Can't do an inter library loan?

  2. Pecan danish? No really, that is simply too much.

  3. I love Earthly Delights. (Always wanted to try the Chocolate Orgasm Muffins). I've been trying to buy a copy but it's never in the bookshop at the same time as me. I may have to actually order a copy. It's part of a series, I want them all.
    Do an inter-library loan, like Marita said. I do them often when my local libraries don't have what I want. Sometimes even interstate loans. Pecan Danish goes really well with a hot fresh coffee....

  4. Try where you can download audio books for free.

  5. Actually - Audible is a pay site, but still might be worth it. The free one is - where volunteers read out-of-copyright books and upload them.

  6. Last time I asked for an inter-library loan, Marita, I was briskly informed that "the other library" was not under the same council , blah blah blah, lol.

    Ok, M, how about dollops of custard instead?

    Kelley, you know you want it.

    I've got the books, River, just need the audio version now lol.

    Ahh, thanks, Scott, I'll have a gander this arvo :)

  7. So if you've got the books why do you need the audio version? Just curious. And what's all that rubbish about the other library not being under the same council? I've borrowed books that have come in from Victoria as well as books from all over Adelaide. Lots of different councils involved.

  8. It's a long story that involves green leather fetishes, River LOL.
    Well, you can take the matter up with my local library lol.