Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sunday, August 16, Dear Diary, the mice have eaten my sangas in the bottom of my schoolbag...

Just when you thought there couldn't possibly be any more of those damn bushwalking snaps....and I find more to regurgitate into your inbox.

Didn't follow the instructions in Alice in Wonderland; did not partake of random fungi, sweets, drinks or bizarre games of croquet with flamingos or wombats.
Am safe from acid flashbacks, phew.

At Quebec Father Le Jeune baptised a Huron child, named Akhikouch.
For more info on the Huron people click HERE.

August 15 - The Novelty was damaged when a tsunami emptied the wet stuff out of Lyttelton Harbour then the massive wave swept through.
Read about the Novelty, a paddle steamer, HERE.

Inspired to act out your Tarzan fantasies, yet?
So, ok, begin small with a trapeze in the bedroom...

The sky didn't fall when the first Homosexual Conference, with 800 participants, was held in Melbourne.

Yet again NZ led the way when it realised that many war-torn countries were going to need basic care to heal so CORSO was formed.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find the brightly coloured native bird doing somersaults in amongst the foliage. Coz stuffed if I can find the bugger!

British-born Canadian jockey Johnny Longden won his 6,000th race.

The sky still didn't fall when the Gurindji People were given some of their traditional land back in the NT.

A hollow. In a tree. Might make a nice camp shelter...maybe?

Reverend Lois Wilson found herself elected as the first female moderator of the United Church of Canada.

Melbourne's Bolte Bridge was *yawn* officially opened.
Wake me when a new trainline is actually built. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Dunedin Hospital went into lock-down mode for a week when staff and patients were knocked for six by a norovirus outbreak.

Ornament on a grave.
Polly want a cracker...?

*Am listening to the wild wind whipping up, as promised by the Bureau of Meteorology (*gasp* They Got It Right!!!) and the doors are beginning to bang like the dunny door in a thunderstorm...yes, just the dunny door, literally... (No Sex, Please, we're middle-aged, menopausal and taking the veil by Christmas)...
Where was I?
Oh, yes; I hope no one loses their patio setting, or their washing or satellite dish.
Or concrete koala on the letterbox.
Or cement stork on the lawn.
Or rare and endangered tyre swan from the garden.


  1. "1868
    The Novelty was damaged when a tsunami emptied the wet stuff out of Lyttelton Harbour then the massive wave swept through."

    The NZ Maritime site put you crook on the Lyttleton tsunami, Jayne -- it happened in the early hours of 15 August, not the 16th, following an earthquake in Chile.

  2. Ah, well, 1 day off.
    The poor Novelty doesn't seem to get much of a mention anywhere else, which is a pity as it sounds like it would have a few tales in it !

  3. If the bird was red I saw it.

    Enjoyed this series of posts and photos and thanks for throwing in all the Canadian stuff. Makes me feel like one of the family. ( as long as that's a good thing ;) )

  4. enlarge the picture, there's a red and blue bird 3cms from the bottom, 5cms left of the white gum tree. There's also two red patches of colour higher up, about centre, which could also be birds.

  5. Yep, t'was a Rosella, Elizabeth, beautiful birds but very fast when it comes to cameras lol.
    Glad you're enjoying it ;)

    There were a couple flitting about, River, the odd Rosella and a few lorikeets or grass parrots I think.
    Literally nothing but flashes of brilliant colour.