Monday, August 17, 2009

Walking between the raindrops along the beach August 17

Went for a walk with Feral Beast yesterday along the beach from Mordialloc to Black Rock, didn't take the camera as it was inclement weather so will have to repeat same for the stunning views.
You can have a gander at Mordy HERE although Street View won't take you down onto the beach itself which I think is quite rude but there you are.
Just when I thought we were all neanderthal inbreds as regards art I find there's a fab set of billboards the councils have put up to mark the Coastal Art Trail; they have boards which show the famous paintings done at particular points along the coast by Streeton, Roberts, Conder, etc.
This one called Boatshed at Beaumaris is quite lovely but it also shows how much the coast has eroded in such a short time, in living memory, as it is completely submerged now.
For a full detailed explanation and to view a copy of the beautiful paintings done along the coast click HERE.
This one titled Mentone has a photo showing what the location is like now - this is actually several years old as the cliffs at the end of the promenade have continued to give way and have quite a number of reinforcing revetments studding the side with numerous warning signs of falling rocks plus a asphalted walkway to the clifftops to encourage walkers to play it safe.
Apart from admiring the fab talent these paintings are an unintentional ecological snapshot showcasing how much damage has been done to the cliffs, the beaches, the dunes, etc, in a very short space of time.
Another different painting (which I can't find in the series online) has an old B&W postcard of the same beach showing how, up until petrol rationing of the 1940's, beach goers would park their cars directly on the beach - hidden benefits of WW2 !

1706 A law I can get behind...
New laws state that Quebec taverns must close by 9pm.
Could see that being beneficial in Melbourne.

1839 The NZ Company ship Tory rocked up.
Read more about the ship Tory and the beginnings of Wellington HERE.

1895 The Albert Railway Bridge was opened in Brisvegas.

1903 Sockburn, in Christchurch, played host to a new abattoir that was opened on this date.
For a great pic click HERE.

1936 The Bank of Canada started printing bilingual money.
Do you think they'd mind printing some extra for my wallet?

1956 England trounced the Aussies in cricket and kept a firm hold on the Ashes.
Goodness, I didn't know Ponting was captaining the team way back then...

1996 For those Aussie Rules devotees ;
Fitzroy Lions and Brisbane Bears played each other for the final time at Optus Oval before merging  - yes, boys and girls, once upon a time they were 2 separate team. Brisbane defeated Fitzroy 29.13.187 to 14.16.100.

1997 The former Liverpool Train Station, in Nova Scotia, was reopened on this date (as opposed to being torn down and replaced with some hideous steel and glass monstrosity)  as the Hank Snow Music Centre to showcase the Canadian country music singer.
Read more HERE.


  1. Interesting about the erosion. Will we see Beach Road fall into the Bay?

  2. Considering the amount of new-ish reinforcements and new-ish look out points now fenced off (not to mention the amount of erosion from just the storm water run-off alone) it may be a distant possibility.

  3. They don't need pricey advertising to tempt me to visit, you do it with your blog.