Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A completely biased commentary on an edict from The Vatican...oh I'm so going to Hell...

I was going to be all Sunshine Sally and remind everyone to watch Hey Hey It's Saturday the reunion on the idiot box tonight.
Until I read this steaming pile of frog shyte.
I don't think I've had the misfortune to hear of such a sack of shitful lies before.
Oh, wait.
Yes, I have...Father bastard-lying-arsewipe O'Donnell, our parish priest and who had been a priest for 50 yrs before he retired.
This was a parish priest who molested and sexually abused boys AND girls for all of those 50 yrs.The scum-sucking-shithead was given the "right" to "die with dignity" at home rather in gaol after he was diagnosed with cancer after he PLEADED GUILTY.
So many of his victims have ended up on drugs, alcoholics, in gaol, dead from suicide or 'risk taking' behaviour and only 18 months ago another of his victims found release in death.
But the frigging-bastard-prick-dog got his "dignified death".
And now the Vatican claims all the sexually perverted little bastards aren't pedophiles but homosexuals?
Mind you, this is the same bunch of drop-kick dickheads who just kept on shuffling that bastard-c**t O'Donnell around to different parishes with full knowledge of his actions against boys AND girls.
Please explain to me again, isn't a homosexual bloke one who is attracted to males, not females?
And isn't a pedophile a person who molests children?
And doesn't the fact arsehole O'Donnell abused CHILDREN who were boys and GIRLS kinda refute these bullshit claims by the Vatican?
And the fact Sack-o-shyte O'Donnell is not the only bastard-arsewipe to do this again negates these piss-weak bullshit lies from the Vatican.
Oh, and to certain dipshyte rightous religious c**nts who sneakily read my blog ...homosexuality has not been considered a mental illness for some time, nor is it illegal to be gay nor is it illegal to demand equal rights, you shallow sad mother-farking dickheads.


  1. I have no doubt other denominations have sexual abuse problems, so do scouts, so does any organisation where sick adults are put in charge of innocent children.

    HOWEVER, what bugs me is how they are dealing with it, or NOT dealing with it.

  2. Exactly, Nikki.
    Making excuses merely hides the fact they have done little or nothing to address the victims, the abusers and the threat of future abuse.
    Homosexuality is one of the last refuges of 'allowable' discrimination and gay priests are obviously handy scapegoats.

  3. This is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to cover ups by the Catholic Church.

    It makes me sick.

    Good on you for helping expose this horrendously tragic story.

  4. Fe, it makes me sick that any religion can be used to hide/excuse/cover-up these disgusting actions upon innocent children.

  5. And people wonder why I don't like religion or go to church. This is why. So much bad has been done by religious persons.

  6. He had no right to die or live with dignity. Children who were abused by priests were never believed by good Catholic parents even if the kids had enough courage to tell the parents.
    And they had the nerve to burn women as witches, holy cretins.

  7. So so wrong. Still the church won't do the right thing.

  8. Yep, River, been an excuse on which to hang their pissy problems for centuries.

    That was one who deserved the bloody red hot poker, J.

    Course not, Andrew, they need rednecks with hang-ups to fill the emptying pews coz they're probably the only ones left who aren't going to question the hypocrisy of the church going against its own teachings.

  9. I get so angry when people equate homosexuality with pedophilia. Our last Pastor did it and I stopped going to Church until he left.

    Wish the Catholic Church would admit to their problems and be honest.