Saturday, September 26, 2009

The drug-fecked lunatics were taking over the asylum.....

Can someone please tell me when it became acceptable for drugged up parents to wander around the car park of Chaddy?
In the pissing rain?
With their 8 (?) yr old son?
How do I know they were drugged up?
Because the t-shit and shorts-clad dipshits were loudly panicking about "It must be here somewhere/ where is it/how could we lose it?" over and over, with many arm gestures.
Stupid me, thought they'd gone shopping, found nought and were now hunting for their car.
Until the son pointed to The So-Frigging-Large-You-Cannot-Miss-It Shopping Centre and said "There it is, Chaddy is there." !!!!!!
And to top it off he then pointed to me (with empty backpack over my head so stave off the almost-horizontal rain) and screeched in astonishment to his drug-fucked dad, "Did ya see what she'd done?!"
Yeah, sorry about that, kid.
How inconsiderate of me to be straight and know where I'm heading, tsk tsk.
Sorry that I don't have an over-whelming urge to get shit-faced on whatever chemical cocktail your parents recommend from cleaners under the sink, then get drenched to the skin, lose myself in a car park and rely on my 8 yr old rugrat to drag me in out of the rain.
Yeah, holding a backpack over my head to stay dry must have really freaked you out.


  1. Sad when an eight year old is freaked by a normal thing such as keeping the rain off. Even sadder that he is the guide and the parents are the lost ones.

  2. C'mon Jayne. You said to me the other day that a bit of rain won't hurt. Oh, maybe it was heavy. I was waiting to cross the road outside Prahran Market today and a very polite lass came up to me and asked me to direct her to Prahran Market. I gave her very precise directions, like a finger over the shoulder in a backwards direction, but I was nice about it. I forgive your druggie victims. I expect I would be a bit freaked by Chaddy.

  3. My god.

    Unfortunately too many kids are growing up as the carer and guide for their fucked up parents these days

  4. LOL Andrew.

    Yep, it's seen as normal for kids to look after drug fecked parents.
    Not in MY book, at any rate.

  5. Maybe they thought your back pack was loaded with drugs that would get wet and be ruined by you holding up the said back pack.

    Sad, sad, sad.

  6. If they were like that in the carpark what would they be like inside Chaddy? I know Agoraphobia is supposed to be an outside thing but Chadstone has me hyperventilating inside the door. I've only been once 4 years ago and felt like tying a string to the pole at the bus stop so I could find my way back.