Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Exploring Melbourne with September 9


1836 The Port Phillip area was declared open for settlement.
So they promptly chucked up this Taj Mahal look-a-like train station and called it Flinders Street.

1870 Ballarat was proclaimed a city.
And everyone celebrated across the road from the train station in the pub.

1916 Melbourne's Catholic Archbishop Daniel Mannix started letting loose his opinion on conscription for WW1.
But not in this Anglican cathedral he didn't.
Even though it was across the road from the pub.

1959 Canada's first large nuclear power plant was officially opened.
Which looked nothing like the Nicholas Building as seen below.

1969 Kiwi model Rachel Hunter was pupped on this day.
Who is rumoured to resemble explorer Matthew Flinders not at all.

1976 Wanganui Computer Legislation was passed in The Shaky Isles.
Which had no connection whatsoever to the various "houses" below.
Hey, Jussy!
I know one "house" that deserves the wrecking ball more ...Parliament House.

1979 Canadian cartoon For Better or For Worse made its debut.
Something...something...*mumble mumble* below!

1988 Today was the coldest frostiest day since records were first kept a quarter of a century earlier.
This is The Block Arcade that we made earlier....
For anyone interested there are now guided tours of The Block $9 gets you a tour and afternoon tea, Tuesdays and Thursdays. 
Will give it a burl next week.

2003 Number one song in the charts in NZ on this day was Scribe's Stand Up.
Just like these buildings are standing up....shhh, don't tell Jussy...
Last but not least- a faded sign for Tony and Andrew...

Top of 226 Swanston Street.


  1. Ooo I'm glad I read that carefully as when I saw the pictures they didn't quite match in my mind's eye = "Canada's first large nuclear power plant was officially opened.
    Which looked nothing like the Nicholas Building as seen below. "

    Now that would be one heck of a power plant!

  2. Now I want to go to Melbourne JUST to see the Nicholas Building... G-orgeous!

  3. Your "something something mumble" has a similar look to the uni student apartments on the eastern end of our Rundle Mall. Have you ever been to Adelaide?

  4. LOL, Maddy, if they built power plants like that there'd never be any arguments against them!

    It is a very beautiful gem, Amanda ;)
    You should Google The Block Arcade, it's just as lovely.

    Last time I went to Adelaide it was 1986, it was pitch black and the bus from Perth only did a brief pit stop, River.

  5. I love the Majorca Building. I walk past it most days on my way to work and never fail to look up and admire it.