Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's moments like these....September 23...

Excuse me while I nom nom nom my way through the Minties packet, haven't had a Mintie for....a gazillion years.
Remember the competitions to try to make the longest single strip of paper from the wrapper?
Whole schoolyards across the nation were filled with weird-arse kids tenderly tearing at itty bitty squares of waxed paper, some even *gasp* swearing with a dropped "damn" or perhaps "blast it" when the precious paper broke.
The really tough kids who'd dare to use the Really Bad Words were ripping into paper in a different way; they were usually doing rubbish duty in their lunch break for talking back to the teacher or not handing in their homework or something equally scholastically illegal.
Probably for not ruling the regimented 5 cm margin in their exercise books in the obligatory red pencil.

1853 The first sod was belted across the left earhole and told to behave turned for the Geelong Railway.

1961 Claws were out in the name of beauty when Miss Canada, Connie Feller, was ousted from the throne after a mere 6 weeks.
Her crime?
She dared go home to visit her family WITHOUT getting permission from officials.
Tsk tsk.

1974 Paper Lace were rockin' us all in The Land of Oz for 8 weeks in the top spot with The Night Chicago Died.

2006  Kiwis were gettin' their Sexy groove on with Justin Timberlake when he brought Sexy Back.
Which was ok...kinda....but not a patch on Dick In A Box.


  1. Had to focus for a minute. Yes 5cm, one inch margin. Must have a big margin. Why??? Mintie wrappers could only be ripped to four.

  2. The bigger the margin for more acidic remarks from the teacher to scathingly shred children's self esteem in RED ink, or so some wanker in Qld Ed Dept reckons. Us, we just picked up our handwriting/spelling/grammatical skills and improved!
    No one told us we were supposed to be broken and have no self confidence :P

  3. Minties are great fun for ripping out fillings if you are not careful.

  4. I remember trying to tear those mintie wrappers, I got them fairly long, but never long enough. One girl in our class was so good at it her wrapper was about a millimetre wide and torn right to the last tiny centre.
    I remember one inch margins too and in the arithmetic book there had to be a two inch margin on the other edge of the page where we were supposed to show how we'd worked out the sum. If this wasn't done the teacher would assume we'd cheated by finding the answer in the back page of the text book and mark us as wrong. Really unfair for those of us who could do a fair bit if mental math.

  5. I heard my momma cry,
    I heard her pray the night Chicago died...
    That was because my momma was the lead singer in it at the time.

  6. Did it feel like we were rote learning or having things drummed into us? It didn't to me. Err, that would be a two inch margin too.

  7. I warned The Spouse tonight, Marita, thanks for the reminder!

    Oh, yessss, we had to show our working out, too, River. Had to prove we knew our onions...

    Ohhh...I thought it was Middle of The Road, Brian :P

    Rote learning was fine by me, Andrew, I can still recite all of the times tables, spell and use grammar the correct way (most of the time).

  8. Pity there's no room in today's curriculums for rote learning. Even in the early grades (1 & 2)where most of this stuff should be learnt.