Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mystery solved!

Yes, the lazy old cow leapt over the sleeping fox ...or some such and made herself useful by looking up the answer to the previous post.
The kiddies wading pool in the Carlton Gardens - which gradually acquired the title of "western lake", ...which implies that at some stage either the Powers That Be didn't want the grubby little urchins peeing splashing merrily about in a pool intended for them or the grubby urchins mater and pater started noting the pollution in the uncleaned pool/lake....or maybe the homeless tramps who once called the bench seats home (coz of course we don't have any homeless in Melbourne these days *ahem*) even turned their noses up at having a 'bird bath' in the pool?...
Anyways, enough conjecture, sometime in the 1950s-1960s the "heavily polluted" pool/lake was filled in and a model traffic school was built on top but this, too, was kicked to the kerb and a playground was erected on the spot.

Further reading and details can be found HERE and HERE.

And, yes, there was once a football oval in the Carlton Gardens but this was paved to become a car park ...shades of Big Yellow Taxi, anyone?


  1. There you go...I told you it wouldn't have been that pond in your original photograph.

  2. That is a pretty awesome playground too.

    I wonder if the wavy concrete formation is meant to resemble water of the paddling pool that once was there.