Wednesday, September 23, 2009

September rumour has it....apparently....according to gossip...

1844 First international cricket match saw Canada beat the US.
Go figure!

1871 Mary MacKillop was excommunicated from The Church coz she protested against the directive she had received to split up the nuns in her order.
Seriously, it had absolutely nothing to do with Daniel refusing to chow down on boiled lamb's brains.

1881 The first telephone exchange opened for business in New Zealand and just as well it did or I wouldn't be able to ring Nikki whenever I wanted to hear dirty, smutty talk like Fush and Chups or suxty sux.

1890 The shearers went on strike but their hearts weren't in it as they were back breaking their backs, just like Andrew, after a week.

1905 Lionel Terry was not a nice bloke - or, if he was, he did a good job of hiding it.
He murdered Joe Kum Yung in Haining Street, Wellington to draw attention to his personal crusade of having all Chinese removed from New Zealand.
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1969 Ontario banned the pesticide DDT.

1978 The Gay Trade Unionists Group held their first meeting in Sydney.

2005 100 boats met the inter-island ferry Challenger protesting at the speed with which it traveled through Marlborough Sounds, claiming that it damaged the shoreline.

2009 Kelley is currently climbing the walls...and has the shits BIGTIME.
Yes, she does.
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  1. I read that as Mary McKillop refused to 'spit on nuns of her order' and wondered why she was expected to spit on her Nuns.

    As for having the shits, Annie's got them bad. Thank god for pull ups.

  2. "1969 Ontario banned the pesticide DDT."

    Pity...there wouldn't be so many french people there nowadays if they hadn't.

  3. Spit/shit, it's all the same to me, Marita lol.

    Why, Kelley, yes, yes I am :P

    Still spooning it onto your weeties every morning, Brian? :P