Monday, September 28, 2009

September 28 rocked up again...

Yes, yes, I've been slack again, blah.
Feral Beast has had the driving seat of the computer of late, tapping out his weekly activities for school and playing games (of course) just to Get Mother Off The Interwebs.
Or I may be imagining the conspiracy thang.
Wrap your laughing gear around this lot...

1793 The Upper Canada Legislature made the magnanimous decree that all slave kiddies born after this Very Date would get their Freedom when they reached the ripe old age of 25.
Almost like Logan's Run but in reverse...

1885 Riots broke out in Montreal at the very thought, the very idea! of compulsory immunisation against Smallpox!
How very dare they!

1928 The pollies packed up their porn kit bags and vacated jolly Marvelous Melbourne for sleepy Canberra where they began polishing seats with their (broad and well-fed) arses.

1984 Kiwi morals supervisor campaigner Patricia Bartlett warned that the end of the world was nigh 'sex education might be taught by someone known to the children as a poofter'.
And then we all caught teh gay.
No, seriously, only those who ate quiche caught it...and those who wore pink...or orange...and those who showered....and those who ate fruit....and those who ate fish every week....
Everyone else strapped on a pair of bulls balls and stopped waxing their cracks.

2006 The Kiwi Overlander (trundling between Auckland and Wellington), which was supposed to be kicked to the kerb by the end of the month, was announced to be still burbling along the tracks but less often.


  1. "...those who showered...". NICE!!

  2. you never fail to crack a smile here !
    LOL I almost spurted my packet cappachino (? can't spell)

  3. Damn I've been feeding my husband quiche for ages.

    Although if he catches teh gay then he might just pick up after himself occasionally.

    More quiche is called for!