Monday, September 28, 2009

September 29...pass the tomato sauce, pretty please Mr Music?

Now, all of you readers with good taste...oh, yes, that lets you all off the hook...
Hmm, well, anyway next Wednesday Hey Hey It's Saturday is having a reunion show (yes, I know it's a Wednesday, not a Saturday) but for those overseas (and unable to channel the show via the nearest Angel) it will be streamed online HERE.
Just watch out you're not sitting too close for when Mrs MacGillicuddy pops up.

1836 Cap. Billy Lonsdale rocked up in Port Phillip on this grand day to do 'umble dooty as the first Police Magistrate....and he's been playing catch-up ever since.

1844 Norfolk Island was annexed to Tassie, who had not the foggiest of what to do with it apart from sprinkling a few flash floral decorations around the edges and the odd UFO sighting.

1862 The Royal Princess Theatre Company and The English Opera Troupe put on the first opera to grace the good ground of The Shaky Isles when they performed The Daughter of The Regiment.
Which is actually a love story about an orphan girl raised by a regiment of soldiers, nothing to do a time hole in the chook house in Jackie French's book, Daughter of The Regiment.
Or is it?

1898 Canada held a referendum on the question of introducing prohibition of grog...the resulting numbers were so close the authorities, wisely, held up their hands in surrender and shelved the idea.

1930 Prince Edward Island (PEI) the setting of Anne of Green Gables (yes, she was real and she does still flit about there, somewhere, perhaps near the White Way of Delight?) converted the final section of railway track from narrow gauge 3' 6" to standard gauge (4'  8.5" for those who are still awake).

1958 Masterton and Carterton were the oh-so-lucky guinea pigs to get the emergency telephone number 1-1-1 introduced on this day.

1967 Who could forget the visit of the President of the Republic of Italy, Guiseppe Saragat, to the Vic Parliament?
*crickets chirping*
Ok, moving along....


  1. Didn't Tassie send extra naughty convicts to Norfolk Island?

  2. Yes, but only as they needed extra time out to get in touch with Mother Earth, to become one with nature around them and to realise how totally screwed they were :P

  3. "1958 Masterton and Carterton were the oh-so-lucky guinea pigs to get the emergency telephone number 1-1-1 introduced on this day."

    What stupid names to call guineapigs. Bobsy and Fluffy would have been more suitable.

  4. Ooo goody - thanks for letting me know about HHIS. I'll even have time to watch it on the tele :)

  5. looks like selling your first born worked after all! LOL

  6. Well, Brian, they were going to go with Fido and Rover until they discovered why they failed their guide dog training...

    Check your tv guide, Amanda, there's a 2nd reunion the following week, too :)

    It's not a permanent come-back, B, so they must be only renting her to scare away the mice :P

  7. Hi! What a cool site! I've never seen anything like it in all my days!

    I've never laughed so much as when I watched Hey, Hey!

    If it's a hit again, I do hope they bring it back for good! I really do miss those belly laughs.

    Take Care,

  8. I remember Hey Hey, I loved it for a while, but then it just got blah. The segments with Jackie McDonald were great, Denise Drysdale? not so much. I never could stand that Don whatshisname.

  9. LOL
    Thanks, Peter ;)
    Yep, hope they bring HHIS back for good!

    Sorry, River, I have no idea who Don is from HHIS ?

  10. I think I mixed up my shows there Jayne, Don Lane (the tall skinny yankee) did segments with Bert Newton and some type of spinning wheel of questions thingy, I was sure they'd done some of these on Hey Hey, but I could be wrong.