Monday, September 7, 2009

September 8th

Today I'll throw some dates and trivia at you so you can impress your co-workers, family and friends.
Or just confirm their belief that you're a strange lil poppet, a suspicion they've harboured since you knocked back the chance to scarf down a whole packet of Tim Tams.

Today is the International Day of Literacy.

It is also the birthday of the Russian Mother Goddess, Berehynia.

1664 The Dutch village of New Amsterdam was conquered by the Brits who renamed it New York.
("Even old New York was once New Amsterdam...why they changed it I can't say, maybe they liked it better that way?!")
Madness, I tell you, sheer madness, it'll never take off!

1858 They finally stopped murdering each other when the Crimean War ended.
Never mind, any old excuse to have an argument to start killing each other is easily found.

1866 Things were pretty crook when the Bread or Blood Riots erupted in Brisvegas after unemployed workers marched from Ipswich. They tried to force the govt stores open to get food then attacked the police present, stoning (with rocks!) some of them before being arrested.
More details HERE.

1890 Kiwi waterfront workers, who were striking, attacked the scab labour who attempted to take their place.

1906 The return carriage for the typewriter was born.
Madness, I tell you, sheer madness, it'll never take off!

1930 Transparent sticky tape was born.
Madness, I tell you, sheer madness, it'll never take off!

1954 In a bid to get rid of the Reds under the beds NZ signed the Manila Pact to stop the insidious march of communism in their neck of the woods.

1966 Star Trek began boldly venturing forth across galaxies where few had dared to tread, with Canadian-born William Shatner as Captain of The Enterprize.
Madness, I tell you, sheer maddness, it'll never take off!

1977 Cindy Nicholas from Toronto swan the English Channel non-stop in both directions- the first person to do so.
Because she could.

Is it wrong that I giggled (and wanted to take a photo but the guy looked like he'd been obeying his hat all night) when I saw a cap that read,
"Finish your drink!
There's sober people in Africa"


  1. Gotta tell my little Sister the Star Trek Trivia, then again she probably knows it..because she is trekky mad! Her dog's names are Dax and Seven... go figure!!

  2. Me think litracy good thing being English teacher.

  3. International day of literacy eh?

    I probably shouldn't have posted today then.


  4. 19?? the general populace discovered blogging.
    Madness, I tell you, sheer madness, it'll never take off.......

  5. LOL Cazzie!

    You talk pretty one day, Scott :P

    Posted or pasted, Kelley? :P

    You might have something there, River lol :P