Tuesday, September 15, 2009

September was only 16, only 16........

Have you checked out Go Buzz for what's happening in the Fylde and Wyre?
If not, why not?
And don't give me any guff about not travelling anywhere near the area or not having the foggiest of where the Fylde and Wyre is...it's The Place to be, The Place to visit and The Place to ...do whatever it is people do when they're overseas and far from home, don't you know?!

Anyway...apparently the year is galloping away and it's now the 16th of September....get the feck outta here! Where's this year gone?!
No, cat-eating builders don't partake of eras ...although I've known a politician or 10 to steal my precious time that I'll never get back again.

So, in 1804 they were having a bit of a knees up as the Parramatta brewery began pumping out the golden hops-fueled liquid known as beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer.
Cheers m'dears!

1905 The Originals, the first Kiwi rugby team to carry the name All Blacks and perform the Haka, set off on their Northern Hemisphere tour where they trounced 34 out of the 35 matches they played.

1914 First Canadian air force was formed on this date when Sam Hughes created the Canadian Aviation Corps.

1924 According to the Otautau Standard and Wallace County Chronicle on this day the news was thrilling!
There was a Queen Carnival with more than £700 raised, a Presbyterian Church Soiree with attendance numbers that bested record numbers for the past 80 years (those Pressies know how to have a proper knees up), there were tales of a wild pig hunt, ads galore to whet one's appetite and loads more gossip than you could shake a stick at.
Read more HERE.

1956 TCN channel 9 in Syn City aka Sydney launched the first regular TV service upon the unsuspecting public and they were hooked within a matter of minutes....

1974 Canada's first chicky-babe constables were sworn into the RCMP.
I am woman, hear me ROAR....


  1. Chicky-babe constables....kicking off whole new strings of TV cop shows.

  2. My, my, how things have changed for the All Blacks. The team we love to hate...unless they came to live here of course!