Friday, September 18, 2009

Solve this Melbourne mystery....

...and win Absolutely Nothing!
Yes, that's right.
Stingy old cow has just got a teaser for you to puzzle over and for your hard efforts you simply get the warm fuzzy feeling of being The Smarty Pants of The Week.
Or not, depending if your hot water bottle leaks on your warm fuzzy....

The puzzle, should you choose to accept it, is there was a Children's Paddling Pool in the Carlton Gardens, opened in 1924.
No, I wasn't personally there you cheeky sods, I read about it HERE.
My question to you is.....

Is this pond the remnant of the Children's Paddling Pool?

Answers in 25 words or less on the back of a stamped, self-addressed envelope hand delivered to the old troll under the railway bridge in Upper Comebuckta West (turn right at Pakenham Upper shelter sheds).


  1. No idea. But what great fun for the kiddies. Assume health and safety laws mean we don't get fun things like that now.

  2. Thanks, Brian.
    Was that your sharp visual perception that deduced the answer...or the toss of a coin ? :P

    Would have been wonderful, Marita, under those shady trees in the height of Summer, even just to dip your toes in for a quickie!
    Seagull and pigeon poop may have become an issue!

  3. I will say no. I don't think authorities would want urchins paddling so close to the Exhibition Buildings. More likely the pond near Rathdowne Street in the south west corner of the gardens. Great photo btw.

  4. Ohhh, yes, the Exhibition Buildings would have still been Federal Parliament at the time, good thinking 99 !
    Couldn't have grotty rugrats near the pollies...may have tainted the rugrats with something :P

  5. I can't answer the question, but oh man, the time I've spent in those gardens!
    Another trip down memory lane happening....

  6. Dip your toes in it. If it's warmer than you'd expect, then chances are it's a yes..... (1924? well......)

    children don't only paddle in pools, you know....

    (how come mine are the only ones who ever get out and go to the bathroom?)

  7. It looks a little large to be just a remnant so I'd say no.

  8. "Was that your sharp visual perception that deduced the answer...or the toss of a coin?"

    Just my natural ability to make absolutes without actually having a clue.

  9. LOL Mo, I bet the new museum would be an eyesore surprise for you ;)

    LMAO Ozfemme, oh, why is that urban myth about a liquid chemical to show someone peeing in a pool only a myth?!

    Yep, that one was a lake all along, River.

    Excellent, Brian!