Saturday, September 5, 2009

Strolling along Sandridge Rail Trail, the final in the Trilogy!

Yes, yes, this has had more entries than a dodgy deficit book but we'll finish up today.
Shoes, backpacks, etc, ready?

We were left here yesterday, gazing down into the murky depths and the strange sight of a balloon-back chair floating in the rubbish trap, just near Spencer Street Bridge.

Gazing up the Yarra from Spencer St Bridge, with perhaps a school of fishies doin' the do in the water.
We'll take a slight detour from the trail and wander across past Jeff's Shed to a teeny corner where they've tucked the Polly Woodside.
Here we'll sit and drink our water, snack on our fruit and maybe have a couple of museli bars while the sun warms us and we begin to feel our limbs again.
Hope you've remembered your sunscreen, that sun has got a sting to it today!

Dry dock for repairs.

Some rather old, original dry dock timbers sitting there.

Wave goodbye to the pretty boat, boys and girls.
Now, back on the rail trail we gallop past the casino whose name we shall not speak as it gets enough advertising without any freebies from moi, then we come to a corner where we need to turn right but ahead of us is this...

I think the name speaks for itself.
Then we wander down around to the proper front door on Clarendon Street and find....

Don't strain your neck, now!

As we try to make sense of the map, a chill breeze whips up around the corner and sends shivers up our legs.
Feral Beast made the request to hop on a tram at this stage so we shall all climb aboard the 109 to Port Melbourne.
Don't fret, there will be one along in 3 minutes and there'll be seats aplenty.
(Beginning to feel like Doctor Who predicting events here LOL).

Now that we're all settled on the tram - yes, you need to validate the ticket you just bought from the machine, bizarre backward system but the next one will be even more tricky - notice the darkening clouds rolling in towards us?
The tram is rollicking along the tracks, if you close your eyes you could almost imagine you were back on a train on this line...almost but not quite.

Port Melbourne train station, that was.
Now a group of shops.

No matter how quickly the tram rolled along it couldn't beat those clouds coming in.
This is the light beacon propped between Station Pier and Princes Pier, thrown up in 1924 to guide ships into safety.

A giggle was had in the car park.

Hmm, starting to look like they mean serious business.

Yes, let's go stickybeak out on Station Pier....

There are lorikeets in the tree if you look r-e-a-l-l-y closely...
and ignore the wind growing stronger and whistling past your ears at a phenomenal rate!

Westgate Bridge in the distance, flashing the yellow caution lights which means drivers must slow down to 80 ( I think? Someone will correct me).
We waved in Cazzie's direction but I don't think she saw us....again lol.

Eyeballing the Spirit of Tassie ferry Feral Beast and I picked which lifeboats we wanted should we ever hop on board and do a Titanic.
Sans Celine Dion strangling a cat singing-style.

Oh, look...rain.
Big ploppy drops and, hmmm, dark enough for the lights to be flicking on.

Trotting rather briskly between showers for the return tram.
No undercover shopping centres or strip shops to browse in dry comfort, just menacing clouds holding off long enough for us silly pink monkeys to clamber back on board to dry transport.

Tootling down Collins Street I spied the Past propped beside the Present, whitewall tyres not withstanding.

St Patrick's Cathedral spire as we whooshed along in a spray of water, rain and city muck.

Dinner waiting for me on my return home that evening.
No, sorry, there wasn't any cooked for you.
You will have to go do your own hunting and gathering, I'm afraid.

Nothing to do with our walk but in light of the Hey Hey It's Saturday reunion specials ( and let's hope they bring the whole show back, even in a limited season) I noticed The Spouse had reunited these two characters.
So, I snapped.
A pic.


  1. Re. the final photograph: It's good to see Rod Hull back in action again. Just don't complain about your television reception.

  2. Had to scroll quickly past those buildings, I'm not afraid of heights, I can climb up and look down with no trouble at all, but standing on the ground and looking upwards at the dizzying heights makes my head spin and my stomach nauseous.
    I miss seeing lorikeets in trees, over our side fence across the alley there used to be a fig tree and on early summer mornings it would be filled with lorikeets making a heck of a racket and looking so beautiful. The tree is gone now, the block was flattened for a new house, which is huge and gorgeous, but the lorikeets have nothing to come there for now.