Thursday, September 3, 2009


Just a quickie hello.
I haven't forgotten any of you or the history posts, just been a little snowed under with Feral Beast's assignments and beginning a new unit.
The back of the last ( major) assignment for social research was sent off with a heart-felt cheer and the new unit (on photography) was started with enthusiasm not seen since it was announced that the Rabid Rabbit had dumped a shedload of chocolate in the backyard...or something.
Gossip around the traps... and we heard on the grapevine that the horrible bully who'd tormented my son at school for 3 years (with the oft repeated "Just walk away, FB, ignore him, play in another part of the yard,",etc from all the staff) was FINALLY expelled.
Heck, when The Spouse went up to complain about the little bastard swearing at him and FB in the schoolyard the principal began making excuses by saying FB "misunderstood" things that were said to him and wouldn't admit the bully was in the wrong until The Spouse pointed out he had been present and was also sworn at by the little turd.
Back in 2007 we'd heard how the bully was suspended for 3 months after bashing another student and the school principal so badly they were taken to hosp - the student had a broken leg and collar bone, the principal had concussion and a collection of grazes and bruises (shame that *cough*).
There but for the grace of God ( and me removing FB from school) could have been my rugrat.
Stupid, pissy education system propping up stupid, pissy out-dated concepts that never worked overseas but, in the tradition of all Australian govts, we'll battle on regardless with crap and won't admit the system is f'ed until we've poured gazillions of taxpayers dollars down the gurgler.
The word "education" can be interchanged with "health", "hospital", "nurse's training", "teacher training",  "trade schools",etc.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch and we're off to walk the Sandridge Rail Trail, another bit of history to ed-u-ma-kate the FB with while exploring an almost forgotten train track and the chance for us both to take a shipload of photos (bigger volume than a shedload).
Plus it gives me an opportunity to teach him map reading skills and regale him with memories of travelling in the Blue Bullets (Harris) and Red Rattlers (Tait) trains on hot Summer days and having the doors and windows slid wide open (Taits, I think, and no one managed to fall out) which created a beautiful cross-draught and staring at the sun-light sparkling on the Yarra River below us as we crossed Sandridge railway bridge, the cool breeze becoming stronger off the river and waking up from the semi-trance the summer heat had induced while peeling bare legs and backs off the sticky leather seats when the train stopped (frequent occurance) in the middle of the bridge for some reason or other.....


  1. "...waking up from the semi-trance the summer heat had induced while peeling bare legs and backs off the sticky leather seats..."

    Brings back memories of my courting days.

  2. I remember the Red Rattlers of Sydney .. I nearly fell backwards out of an open door because someone forgot to close it...grabbed just in time by quick-thinking fellow travellers.

    I miss the sound of the iron wheels 'singing' as they crossed the interweaving tracks.

  3. Looks like a full day..I love the idea of following the sandridge track/trail :) Something for the school hols I say :)

  4. "stupid, pissy schools etc"
    Yup, that's us alright.

  5. I need to use the word "pissy" more!

  6. Oh er, Mr Hughes...!

    Remember how they'd bounce off each other if you closed the doors too quickly, Frances?
    Glad someone grabbed you!

    It's a good walk, Cazzie, and you can divert down around to stickybeak at the Polly Woodside, too.

    In one, River ;)

    I dare you to say it in class, Scott :P