Saturday, September 5, 2009

A walk on the wild Spring side with moi...

Toddled off to Murrumbeena and Carnegie yesterday, with camera and Feral Beast at the ready.
So here are a gazillion pics to either fill your walls or to take down to your local garden centre and say,
"I wan' that one,"

A tree.
With birdies.

New growth.

Yellow fluffy thing what causes hayfever.

A la Arty Farty.

Trees in teeny park near Hughesdale Station.
No amount of trees or landscaping will ever improve that hideous station *shudder*.

A return visit to a usual suspect.

Awww, here the purdy stuffs start.

Dark pink flower thingie.
Yellow Banksia Rose, climbing form.
Desperate measures, the mother of recycling.

*said in the excited whisper tones of David Attenborough*
The Great Monitor Graveyard; long thought to be mere folklore amongst the far-flung tribes of Computer Scavengers here today for the first time we were able to confirm its existence by following the tribal procession of A Family out to the Sacred Nature Strip where they carefully placed their recently deceased monitor with others of its kind....
White floral....item.

Lilly Pilly berries.

I'll give you a daisy a day, dear, I'll give you a daisy a day....

First proper sign of Spring, these little pink things sprout up in nature strips all over Oz.
Unless you've dug up your nature strip to plant a community garden.

A double pink.

Bee Flower or Cone Flower.

Echium; prefers to hunt in packs.

Lovely feature planting with obligatory 'armless statue.

As Hunters and Collectors once warbled,
"Do you see what I see?"
Am getting sleepy again, why, oh why do I start uploads when it's close to Pumpkin O'Clock?
There shall be a second helping of our stroll amidst the spring florals and a review, with slide night, of the Burnley History Walk on which FB and I are embarking tomorrow at Sparrow Fart.
Hoo Roo!


  1. "FB and I are embarking tomorrow at Sparrow Fart."

    The air must be clean round your way. Round here it's 'seagull cough'.

  2. Echium. Aka Bee Flower or Cone Flower.
    oooooh very pretty, I vote these as favourite flower of today's post.

  3. I love today's photos, trees, flowers, it's all good, there's nothing bad here. I have to say though that I don't believe wattle (yellow fluffy thing) causes hayfever. However, the "white floral....item" is a bad'un for it, (Adelaide is full of them, my own home is surrounded), as are most of those plants with heady cloying fragrances. Like Jasmine, the Jasminum Polyanthum type which has very heavy scent which drifts for blocks, damn stuff is everywhere! *sniff sniff* pass the tissues....

  4. We feed the little beggars on grain, Brian, we're watching our cholesterol :P

    Thanks, Elizabeth. They're not native to Oz, Sth African I think? - but thrive here and come in various shades of blue/purple and sizes.

    Oh, the cloying fragrance makes me feel ill at times, River.