Tuesday, September 15, 2009

When you wander off for just a few days....

....all hell breaks loose.
Crikey Moses, Mary mother of God and Joseph the carpenter what in the name of all that's crisping on a barbie in the Outback has happened?
They're all dropping off the twig!
First dear Ray Barrett, gentleman actor, talented to his fingertips and a quiet, unassuming bloke takes his departure from us.
Up there with Bud Tingwell, Ray was another who sharpened his teeth on the stage and screen in far off climes and made a name for himself giving the Thunderbirds voices.
One is beginning to wonder how many of the Thunderbirds were actually American or really Aussies whacking on an accent for the local content?!
Then Mike Leyland has handed in his cards, leaving us who grew up watching the infamous Leyland Brothers feeling as if a bit of our childhood has disappeared.
Who the heck are we gonna ask now?
Ask The Leyland Brothers, and we asked non-stop for almost a decade - more if you count the umpteen specials they filmed for TV.
They opened up the Isle of Oz for lounge lizards and kids stuck at home, ed-ya-ma-kated us all about our own backyard in a time when it was popular to bugger orf overseas, they were throwing "shrimps" aka prawns on the barbie in beautifully secluded outback camping spots long before Paul Hogan was doing it for the tourism board.
The Leylands became a national institution; when driving in our cars the conversation usually went something like...
"Shit, I got no-f**king-idea where we are. What's it say on the map, Mal?"
"Well, Mike, it appears we're up The Black Chooks' Arse looking for a white feather otherwise known as Ihavenoflippingidea."
"Where the fluck are we?"
"Dunno. Ask The Leylands."
One would usually duck after the last remark as a road atlas was usually flung in disgust.

Travel all over the countryside...
Ask The Leylands, Ask The Leylands
Click HERE for an ep of Ask The Leylands.
Part 2 is HERE.
Part 3 is HERE.

Edit - and now Patrick Swayze is gone, too.


  1. And what a fine tan you picked up Jayne.

  2. My poor children have been subjected to a few episodes of the Leyland Bros as we travel all over the country side like the Partridge family in our Pathfinder (the bus is not ready yet :( ).
    You know, Mia wants to go to Kryal Castle because of oneepisode of the Leyland's. They go there and speak to the founder of the castle, and then we get to see a whipping session of a bad woman who stole something..and Mia wants to see that..thanks Leyland Bros..haha

  3. I'm now trying to remember the lyrics to the theme song...

  4. Thank you, Andrew, holding the reflector for hours did pay off ;)

    He wasn't too bad, River. Not my cup of tea to go gaga over but a nice, inoffensive bloke.

    Those Leylands, Cazzie...their influence knows no bounds! lol

    Click the links and *enjoy* the wet t-shirt shots that accompany the theme tune, Scott.
    Or not ;)

  5. ask the leylands, ask the leylands, ask the leyland brothers!

    And now poor Patrick can really be that ghost.........

    Seriously though, I remember lying about our ages to sneak in to see roadhouse at 16. *swoon*

    He fought long and hard against that cancer. At least now he can be at peace.

  6. I admire Patrick Swayze for telling the 'we can cure your cancer, just ignore traditional medicine and treatments quacks' to eff off.

  7. It was quite the week for loss wasn't it?
    I loved Swayze, and whilst I was never a big Leylands fan {Look Mal, there's a frog!!!} they were a definite part of my childhood.
    My father used to watch them religiously every freaking time they were on while we all yawned and got in trouble for not taking notice.
    Maybe that's part of my problem with them do you think?