Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Have been procrastinating for years that I'd take Feral Beast to the science museum/retail shop that is Wunderkammer.
Well, I finally did yesterday and I'm kicking myself for not doing it sooner.
You'll find Wunderkammer at 439 Lonsdale St in the city - yes, on the same side as Lonsdale House, that lovely Art Deco building some plebeian wants to destroy so have a good look as you walk past.
Wunderkammer is full of every kind of thing you don't find made in plastic on production lines and sold by the bucket load (not looking at any pseudo-scientific retail chain in particular).
There's stuffed animals, embalmed animals, salt-water crocodile embryos, human skulls, full skeletons, full chimpanzee skeletons to hang in your in-laws wardrobe when they visit, there's some fantastic collections of pinned spiders *shudder* and pretty irredescent bugs, millipedes who gave me nightmares in broad daylight, fossils, shells, dinosaur toothy-pegs, 19th century apocrathy jars and other wonderful antiquated scientific equipment.
There's antique-reproduction kaleidoscopes hand-made with leadlight glass *drool* stuffed and mounted bats (yes, jokes allowed) anything you can imagine and fabulous goodies.
Look through their website as it gives a very good summary of what they carry and have on offer.
Feral Beast settled for a book on how to collect and preserve insects so I shall look forward to jars and pieces of cardboard full of dead bugs.


  1. Awwww, cool. Preserving insects, I am a fan of that.

  2. Sounds fantastical! I'm going.

  3. Next time I go to Melbourne, I am definitely going to have a look in the shop. The website makes me want to book a flight just to have a look at the insects and the maps and the fossils and and and...Thanks Jayne.

  4. Why haven't I been there? I have heard about it.

  5. That is an awesome looking shop. Might have to offload Heidi on family one day and take Annie in.