Friday, September 4, 2009

Yesterday's stroll Part deaux

Yes, I've had my forty winks or 80 hours whatever they recommend for sufficient sleep these days according to whatever study is being funded by whatever pharmaceutical company to say whatever to support whichever medicine (ooooo er, claws at 20 paces meow!).
Anyways....back to the walk through Melbourne, boys and girls.
Got your comfy shoes on?
Water bottles?
Everyone been to the toilet?
Well, off you go, we're not leaving until you've been to the toot, no stopping on the way.
*10 mins later*
Everyone ready?
Let's walk!

The start of Sandridge Bridge.
The name doesn't really roll off one's tongue, does it?
Never mind. Along the bridge, in the right of the photo, there is a wall of each country where immigrants came from to populate (or perish) in Oz.
As we later discovered that crossing Sandridge Bridge is not actually part of the Sandridge Rail Trail (go figure!) we departed and trotted back down under and around to join the trail again, leaving the railway bridge for another day of exploration.

The back view of the wee niches that decorate the outside of Sandridge Bridge.
See? Even utilitarian iron riveted industrial architecture was made pleasing to thine sight.

A vision splendid from the bridge.
Click to enlarge and you'll see huge golden bees taking over a building....
I gurgled and found it's the entrance to the infamous Eureka Tower with some great pics HERE.

Further along Flinders Walk.
See? T'was a beautiful Spring day; warm sun, nary a breeze, a lovely, pleasant Thursday.
Later, though, we were reminded that we lived in Melbourne the city of Four seasons in one day.

Dressed stone, fully clothed by artisans with mere hammer and chisels, the beauty wrested from the stone by tools and a man's imagination.
The undergarments of Sandridge Bridge, stretching away to the far side of the river.

Steel girders supporting the bridge with sunlight patterns and birch trees softening the surrounds.

T'other side of the underneath bits.

Sensibly gaps were left to allow for expansion/contraction of materials in all weathers plus access required some time in the future.
Goodness, how forward thinking of architects and planners in the dark ages....

A former burnt-out brick signal box (I think) being recycled into something more.
As opposed to the former burnt-out weatherboard signal box on the Hurstbridge line that is just attracting vandals (another demolition by neglect, perhaps?)

Thar she spans!

Click to enlarge to see the purdy niches.
Simple but effective in breaking up the march of drab metalwork.

Banana Alley Vaults, near Flinders Street Station.
Originally named the Viaduct Vaults they became known by today's title when a chappie began storing the potassium-bearing *herb in abundance in them.
*Bananas are actually classed as a herb but don't try to sprinkle them in your spag bol.

Right, how are we going, boys and girls?
Does anyone want to have a break, grab a bite to eat from your backpacks?
Ok, let's keep going.

As we leave Sandridge Bridge behind us....

...we say hello to Queens Bridge.

The Turning Basin outside the Melbourne Aquarium, near Enterprize Park.
Where more of those non-existant homeless people were trying to keep warm and catch up on their sleep (as it's safer to sleep during the day).
Do I spy a bit of the old Art Deco influence in this building?!
Ahem, someone's having delusions of power somewhere...

And now we say g'day to King Bridge.
Tis ok, I omited a footbridge back between Princes and Sandridge Bridges so as not to over-bridge you too much.
Click to enlarge and you'll see the Melbourne Convention Centre MUCH better known as Jeff's Shed (after the Premier Jeff Kennett who built it) and occassionally known as Maritime Headquarters when one watches the Rachel Ward/Bryan Brown remake of the classic end-of-the-world-movie On The Beach.

One could almost envision waking to a continental breakfast with a view like this...except for knowing the quality of that water down below....!
A mutton bird impervious to the muck.

And as we leave Enterprize Park and get ready to cross King Street what do we see ahead of us in Batman Park?

It's a giant pigeon house for giant pigeons.
Doesn't every capital city have one...?

What is wrong with this picture?
A water bubbler near the river?
A tap near the river?
It's a pigeon paddling in the shallows and drinking the water without turning blue and dropping off the twig.

Somewhere out there was an underwater monster tempting the seagulls to sit upon the surface of the river so as it could raise a tentacle up and grab them by their little red feet and drag them under for lunch...
Or there was a school of fish that got the birds excited.

The Birds!

Helipad office.
Shockingly built in bluestone to blend in with the surrounding architecture and period style.
Tsk tsk.
Helipad thingie.
Yes, it is another bridge.
It will probably be renamed by some toss-pot pollie down the track, like Spencer Street Station was, but for now it is the Spencer Street Bridge.
Grand Hotel, overlooking the train tracks.
Originally the Victorian Railways head offices they no doubt peered out upon their infrastructure and saw what needed repairing, what needed upgrading and what extensions into growing suburbs were urgently required.
Unlike some pollies these days...

Click to enlarge.
*sung to the Playschool theme song*
There's a chair in there...
Possibly a body as well...
There are fish with mercury
And heavy metals to swell,
Open wide,
Run inside,
It's the Rubbish Pool.
And there we will leave it for a short break as I have things to do, people to bury in the vegie patch and Spotlight goodies to covet.


  1. Hi and thanks for that! I'm all puffed out now but it was worth revisiting where my brother recently got married. First time on a tram too!

    Take Care,

  2. Thanks for inviting me on this walk, I quite enjoyed it, but I'm all tuckered out now, think I'll sit on the riverbank by the bridge and eat a banana. Largest known herb in the world.

  3. I just love having someone else do the walking for me. Thanks.