Saturday, October 10, 2009

Crank up the volume, boys and girls...

 Doobie do be doooooooooooo.
Yes, this is a floorfiller.
A Doctor Who floorfiller.

1852 Mary Macleod, pioneer and sometime rebel of Western Canada, was born on this day.
For (a few) more details of this brave woman click HERE.
*I was unable to find many entries dedicated to her, is there a particular Canadian website for biographies?

1861 The first Cobb & Co coach rocked up to the Otago goldfields.
That would be the horse and coach not the eating place in which I keep hearing everyone has bolted a meal.

1884 The brand-spanking-new Quebec Parliament buildings were left rocking on their foundations when 2 sticks of dynamite exploded nearby.

1885 The Pacific Islanders Act was passed in the Qld Govt which prohibited the indenture of Pacific Islander labour.

1927 The Toronto Symphony Orchestra performed their first concert on this date.

1969 The last ever, completely final never-to-be-repeated steam locomotive engine 3801 made its last dash from Sydney to Goulburn.

2006 The NZ War Memorial was opened in Hyde Park, London.

2006 If you think it's chilly now, imagine how they felt 3 yrs ago when icebergs were sighted within 100kms of the NZ coastline?!


  1. on short notice all I could find and gee, I'm not there.

  2. I had to go get a wind cheater when i read that last one and it's 35 here today!

  3. Thanks, Elizabeth, got it bookmarked now :)

    Lovely Doctor Who, Cazzie lol.

    LOL, Mo, it must have been chilly!