Sunday, October 11, 2009

Crikey! That last one was a shocker!

Let's try this all over again, hey?
Apologies for whatever mess you received!

1790 In what proved to be a day in which Captain Phillip's gamekeeper, John Macintyre, should never have lifted his snowy head from his pillow that morn, Pemulwy, the Indigenous rebel, speared him.

1814 Gov Macquarie organised a huge shindig in Parramatta for the the Aboriginal communities to have a knees up while they 'dutifully' signed up for a British education....

1856 Quebec's streets were first lit by coal gas on this date.

1917 NZ experienced her blackest day in the bloodfest that was WW1 when they lost the greatest number of boys at Passchendaele.

1918 The ship Niagara was blamed for bringing the first cases of the deadly influenza to NZ but this has since been proved wrong.

1937 Schools in Ontario were closed for an extra 6 weeks due to a polio epidemic which claimed 150 lives.

1956 The Huge Winhalter Orchestra hit number 2 on the pop charts in New York with Canadian Sunset which had nothing to do with Canada apart from its name.

The Spouse is going to have to put down his beloved 15 yr old cat shortly so I'm planning a day out of the city for Feral Beast and I to relax afterwards and make some happy memories.
If you happen to not trip over a fat blind chick you'll know why...

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