Thursday, October 8, 2009

Did you know.....

...that, according to tens of thousands of Americans us Australians are (and I quote from many different forums/websites) ...
"...idiots, racist pigs, morons, prisoners/convicts (yawn that's so old it's grown legs), ignorant, backwater rednecks, white supremacists, black-haters, ..."
But I must say calling the whole nation names really underscores racism - cos THAT IS RACIST.
Yeah, sorry about that, logic and commonsense kinda knocks your piddly argument out of the water, hey?
Oh and if you want to screech about how we should educate ourselves about your history then surely the same thing goes the other way and you should educate yourselves that comments like "Vote an abo in as president of australia" is REALLY offensive and...dare I say it?!....f'kn RACIST.

Oh, and in other news...
I'm a little fascist, tall and stout,
Here is my broomstick and here is my pout,
When I get all steamed up then I shout,
Let's claim NZ and kick the Wallabies out.mrgreen

Too forceful?
*sigh* Yeah, my Anonymous emailer told me I was suffering from a "subliminal desire to be a colonial ruler".
Is that in metric or imperial measurements, Anonymous? lol


  1. Have you had your morning coffee yet love? Take a deep breath... and stop reading some of those forums. Not good for your stress levels darl.

    Did you watch Hey Hey last night? What an uproar. To be honest I think it was all a little dated... they need to update their humour a little to catch up with the world.

    *sending happy vibes*

  2. LOL
    Yep, BB, I've been chuckling at the pot calling the kettles black ;)

    Saw it - we have a theory it was done deliberately so as 9 wouldn't renew a whole series...too exxy, too exhausting, too many schedules to work out, conflicting contracts with other channels, etc.
    That's my conspiracy theory for today lol.

  3. well I would have thought that new zealand (to be henceforth called new jayneland) would be a logical place to start your takeover of the world............ ;)

  4. "Yeah, my Anonymous emailer told me I was suffering from a "subliminal desire to be a colonial ruler"."

    Why not just call you a power freak and get over it..haha..idiots!!

  5. I happen to think that some Americans are every bit as racist etc as some of us Australians. and I agree that they really should learn more about our history before coming out here and expecting to see kangaroos hopping down the main streets of our cities.

  6. Hey Jayne...I read your comment on my blog... and I hear that (re us being in a lucky country)..and thanks for shedding some light on what it is that was seen as so awful to some people. Attacks on people of any race is not acceptable in my books.
    What is acceptable is to be tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving, and tolerant of the weak and strong. And also...tolerant of people from all walks of life matter their heritage!

  7. C'mon Jayne, you would love to be a colonial ruler, just like I would.

  8. I really wouldn't recommend to anyone that they attempt to colonise a country full of stroppy Kiwis. Truly, I wouldn't. Kiwis can kick like the devil, and the beaks could put a real crimp in yer day.

    Very silly, in my opinion, for anyone to blow what happened on the telly on Wednesday so out of proportion that the international name-calling starts up. The skit was tacky and lame -- but that is all it was. I grew up with the Black & White Minstrel Show. It'd be weird to have it on now -- and that was my reaction seeing the YouTube replay of the Hey Hey skit.

    The "tut tuts" and name-calling reveal the sensitivities and guilts of those doing the tutting and name-calling, I feel. HCJ is right -- that skit wouldn't have left the drawing board in the States, and good on him for stating why he didn't like it, but a pity that the whole incident marred what is probably a good show.

  9. Well, I figure NZ is only moving closer to Oz, B, so it makes sense to start off somewhere close to home lol.

    Shhh, Cazzie, you'll let out my secret desire to be Power Freak of The Century and then everyone will want one! :P

    There's a lot for us all to learn, River, and respect works both ways.

    Exactly, Cazzie, damn well said!

    But we'd squabble over who'd get to wear the crown, Andrew :P

    LOL, Lisa, those Kiwi's are savage!
    Yes, a mistake/oversight/difference of culture happened BUT no malice was intended and apologies were offered almost immediately, live on air and again today by several people involved, so I cannot understand what the continuance of this issue achieves except an excuse to be racist towards Australians.

  10. I think this is an instance where Australia's rep is in the spotlight because you have a popular country. The world admires your scenery, the lifestyles (at least those in the main cities), your inherant sense of independence. Tons of stuff. Australia brands itself well. The flipside to that is that there are those out in the world, thanks to that interest in things Aussie, who also soak up the colonial era darkside to Australia, through to rabbit-proof fence stuff, and certain premiers in Queensland who just happened to have been born here in EnZed ...

    Something as good as Aussie just has to have some stains on their bloomers, right? Oh, look, they've enjoyed and clapped and voted 80% approval for a blackface skit ... Let's get 'em!

    Australians don't go out in the world aiming to prove perfection -- but unfortunately, that's how some see Australia. And the rest of the Hey Hey show isn't viewed, just that skit. Poor judgement on the part of the producers. Made worse by a quick flick-up of a sketch of Kamahl with over-emphasised pouting lips -- the way races other than white are lampooned. Very bad taste, in a world where such creates storms on the Internet.

    You won't hear me call you lot rascist. Two reasons -- I'm from EnZed, and we have our own baggage, thankyewverymuch. And I reckon you might just be serious about that bridge across to here, so I could one day be within reach of your broomstick ...

  11. Oh, don't get me wrong, Lisa, there are plenty of racists here in Oz - our Attorney-General has enshrined law so as to keep legal discrimination against single mothers and the LGBT community - and discrimination against Aboriginal People goes on, no matter how many people deny it.

  12. S'okay, the drift I got was about people referring to Aussies, as a whole, as rascist. Stuff an' nonsense, of course. Yes, I hear you -- every country on the entire world is peppered with rascists and/or nationalists. Bless their darkheart cotton socks, they're what stops us all being plain vanilla flavour in life, even when we seriously feel like throttling them for their latest inane outbursts.

    Both Australia and New Zealand have stumbling points today when it comes to race relations. You and I are both well aware of that. But it's still daft to tar the whole of Australia with the same brush. (Ohmigosh, you realise what this means? I'm defending Australians. Egad. They might come along and check my birth certificate and citizenship for this. A Kiwi defending Aussies, tsk, tsk ...)

  13. LOL, Lisa, sit down and have a strong cuppa tea!