Friday, October 9, 2009

Fish? Anyone? No? Fish? Anyone? No? Fish?

 Well, the proof was in the pudding and Dad stayed up past his bedtime to watch the first ep of Stargate Universe through to the end.
Not too shabby at 86.
Though he still prefers watching Buffy.....

1839 The Legislative Council in NSW passed an act that stated that Aboriginal People could be received as competent witnesses in criminal cases.
1851 Remember that whopping great gale that sunk 150 American fishing boats back on October 4 off the coast of PEI?
Yeah, happened again.
This one sank 80 ships, killing 130 men.
No fish.

1885 The Case of The Severed Hand at Sumner.
Not lost fishing, either.

1891 Harry Power, the bushranger who took Ned Kelly under his wing and taught him all that he knew, died when he fell into the Murray River at Swan Hill and drowned.
Proving that he who lives by bushranging...will surely have no fish for supper.

1905 There was a Royal Commission on the coal industry in dear old Victoria.
Same bucket of cow crap....different fish pond.

1972 The first woman cabinet member in Prince Edward Island history was Jean Canfield, appointed on this day as minister for the PEI Housing Authority.
Not the fisheries chick.

1975 The Treaty of Waitangi Act was passed, which created the Waitangi Tribunal to hear the grievences and complaints associated with the Treaty.
For further details click HERE.
Or go fish.

1978 House of Commons in Ontario hired chicky-babe pages for the first time.
Who probably preferred fishing.

1980 Marching through Wellington, NZ, were 200 lesbians who were later joined by another hundred grrls at the Lesbian Liberation Dance.
Who were experts at tying fishing flies.


  1. I saw this on twitter and sent you a reply offering you a packet of frozen fishfingers as I thought you needed something for dindins.

    Anyway, what's fish got to do with your Dad watching Stargate Universe or did he refuse to eat your seafood dinner? If that's the case you can send it to me :)

    Take Care,

  2. thanks for sharing the history. nice post. Dropping ec here as well.

  3. Re: The Case of The Severed Hand at Sumner.

    Actually, it was the Dead Hand of Treasury, a trans-Tasman civil service joke that every good proposal is killed by Treasury saying no.

    If you lined up all the dead hands of Treasury wrist-to-fingertip, you'd have your bridge across the Tazie.

  4. Stargate Universe?? When, when, when?? What channel?? I can't believe I missed it. I can't find it in my TV program........

  5. LOL, Ta, Peter, I was just being silly ;)

    Thank you, Meryl :)

    LMAO Kuaka.
    I reckon if we put your Treasury with our Treasury we'd get there very quickly!

    Sorry, River, was on the Sci-Fi channel on pay tv here.