Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hey Hey It's October 1st...

As some enjoyed the link I popped in for Hey Hey It's Saturday I thought I'd sprinkle a little more Hey Hey lurve amidst the trivial history today.

Beat It Game...with glimpses of the long-lost drummer Animal!

You know...a HHIS Chrissy special would go down a real treat, Mr Channel 9 *hint hint*

Dickie Knee...a mop of woolly hair on a stick with a hat and no face...

1798 This day found the first church in Sydney done to a crisp when it was lit up by more than spiritual fervor *ahem*.

Celebrity Head...where the board game was born.

1870 The Canterbury Museum Building was officially opened on this day.

Chooklotto...where else but an Aussie show would you see frozen chickens being used for a lotto draw?

1951 Charlotte Whitton became Mayor of Ottawa, the first chicky-babe mayor in Canada.

Pick Your Face...c'mon, you'd forgotten that old game, hadn't you?!

1966 For the first time on this day Canucks got to eyeball telly programs in colour.

Plucka Duck (or pluck a duck) from 1991.

1973 Suzie Quatro was rockin' us in the charts with Can The Can.

Wot Cheezes Me Orf  from 1983...when we still had paper $1 notes.

1986 Kiwis had the Goods and Services Tax (GST) come into being.
And then the world went mad.

Funny Signs segment...during a 60s special.


  1. "1798 This day found the first church in Sydney done to a crisp..."

    Bloody Moses doesn't know when to quit.

  2. Yep, Cazzie, would be a good'un ;)

    He inspired The Colonel, didn't he, Brian?