Friday, October 9, 2009

Kiwi Calf Club for Oz kids...NOW!

Some of you may think I mock NZ (known as Kiwiland in my colonial ruler daydream of imperial tiaras and pink gin) but I reckon there's a shedload of stuff Oz should be imitating from the Shaky Isles.

By the way the bridge suggestion to NZ?
Was a joke.
I cannot walk there nor can I fly (the broomstick doesn't travel over water) and the Vic Govt couldn't be relied upon to build up a fart in a thunderstorm let alone rail infrastructure so a bridge was the next best idea.
Cos I want to go there one day.
Cos it looks pretty.
Cos it sounds like Oz should be but isn't quite, by a bee's dick of subtle difference.

So, anyway....I just discovered from Liz's blog that Kiwi kids get to do a thing called Calf Club.
Now, my grandfather and several of his brothers were born in Otago before their parents came on to Oz so I reckon I've been gypped here; there was the chance to go to Calf Club glittering goldly in mine and my kids' (distant) future before it was rudely snatched away by my great-grandparents hopping a ship to Port Phillip Bay and parking their prow in Emerald Hill (Sth Melb) all for the sake of work.
I demand the right for every Aussie kid to attend a Calf Club!
I don't particularly give a fat rat's clacker if their handwrighting isn't copperplate perfect or they colour outside of the lines - kids need to connect with nature to build an empathy with other living things that are dependent on them and kids need to learn how to care for something other than inanimate objects/cartoons/sports/computer games, etc.
You can give set exams to kids to see if they're within the top 10% national average to build a nuclear milk bottle top in the middle of the Sydney Harbour but you can not imitate the mental growth a child makes when it connects with an animal.


  1. Check out the (Melbourne) Argus, 4 November 1922, p. 26.

    "The carnival marked the first anniversary of the Calf Club movement. Last gala day 10 calves were given to selected children of the district, and today they were exhibited in the streets in excellent, condition. There was keen competition among shire children to be selected for this year's allocation of heifer calves, which was made by thc chairman of the gain day movement..."

  2. Classic. Of course you know we already have a calf club for my kiddos... and trying to share them with the kids of the world through the marvels of modern technology (aka blogging).

  3. Ahhh, thanks, Lisa.
    I found a (later dated) obit explaining that the Oz Calf Clubs morphed into The Young Farmers (Clubs) but they're not for kids :(
    City kids in particular need something like Calf Clubs.

    Yep, BB, you're luck to have the real deal lol ;)

  4. What a great idea. My niece is a bit scared of animals larger than a cat.

  5. Ah, Calf Club Days. The Topp Twins, of course.

    Not quite the song and a cow, not a calf. But the girls show how it's done.

  6. LOVE the Topp Twins !!!

    I can give you a goat show when you build your bridge and pop over. :)

  7. I know what you mean, Andrew, and fear can breed contempt in some kids.

    The Topp Twins, Kuaka!
    Everyone went nuts over them when they toured here a couple of years ago, they have legendary status!

    Oooooooo a GOAT show!
    Goats rock, Nikki, any kid would love to dig their Lego blocks out to help build the bridge ;)

  8. "You cannot imitate the mental growth a child makes when it connects with an animal."
    Hear hear!

  9. My dad used to have Calf Club when he was a kid at school - but he was a country kid.