Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Message in a bottle or Massage in a brothel? Let's see what the judges think, Panda...

Did you know....

1654 Today saw a new hospital beginning to be constructed at Quebec.
For those unwell types.

1885 The first Mormons arrived in their covered wagon in Southern Alberta.

1889 The first electric tramway in the Southern Hemisphere began tootling between Box Hill and Doncaster...until January 1896 when it all went belly-up.
The finances, not literally the tram.

In 1915 there had been a Royal Commission into fruit, vegies and jam.
No flippin' idea why, but there was.
Maybe they were short-changing the amount of pectin in the jam...?

1967 With flowers in their hair Kiwis were floating on a strange vibration to Scott McKenzie's San Francisco.

1978 Canadian Cathy Sherk blitzed the competition to win the women's amateur golf championship in Fiji.

1979 "Mr Asia" murder victim was found.
For more grisly details click HERE.

1982 The first independent Aboriginal high school was opened on this day at Kroondal, Christmas Creek, in Westralia.

1989 Christchurch elected Vicki Buck onto council the youngest woman at age 19 in 1975 who later, on this date, became the first chicky-babe mayor of Christchurch.
2003 South Oz's first Aboriginal Youth Court was opened on this day.

....and to the delightfully vile racist, homophobic troll who keeps sending me emails full of venom, name-calling and incorrect facts (no, my parents were married so I'm not a bastard and no, again, I'm not a female dog but I can be a bitch, your point being...?) please feel free to pucker up to this (_(_) and kiss it long and loud, sweetums.
Don't let the door hit you too hard on the arse on your way out, now!


  1. "In 1915 there had been a Royal Commission into fruit, vegies and jam.
    No flippin' idea why..."

    Obviously they wanted a change from the usual cabbages.

  2. You have a troll?

    you have totally MADE IT BABY!

    Oh, how I miss my little troll...


  3. Cabbages are a slandered vegie that have so much potential, Brian...somewhere...

    *squeee* I know, Kelley, someone cared enough to try some attention-seeking toddler behaviour on me LMFAO!