Saturday, October 3, 2009

NZ...our long lost 7th state of our very own

I propose we go claim Kiwi-Land as our 7th state and stop all this piss-farting around.
We have Lamingtons, they have Pavlova - together we could have a proper knees up each afternoon tea.
How, I hear you all ask.
We build a bridge.
Yes, a bridge across the ditch to NZ.
It's only 2,404 kms but we could always take the long way around via Tassie if you want to do the scenic route...
So many grey nomads (before they were grey nomads) were putting the pedal to the metal across the Nullabour Plain to the Land of The WestCoast Eagles (Perth) and that's even further at 3,430 kms.
So, lobby your local MP to get the Bridge Across The Ditch makes sense, you know it does!

1851 A freak gale off the coast of Prince Edward Isle sunk 150 American fishing boats.
They never dissed Anne Shirley ever again.

1888 Melbourne's Princes Bridge was declared OPEN.
Just like the morgue that once cracked a coldie or two on the same site.

1935 Sydney's Luna Park was officially opened for every little tacker to annoy the bejebus out of their parents for the side show or a ride or fairy floss.

1957 The infamous Kiwi Jandal was trademarked on this date by Morris Yock.
You can do...things...with this item of THIS.

1963 The Soviet Union had to wait for the wheat to grind to make flour to make those delish drop scones that had the Brit PM salivating for 36 yrs cos Canadian longshoremen having a bit of a strike delayed the wheat delivery.

1980 From 4th -11th ran the first Lesbian Librarians Week in both Wellington and Christchurch.
If we build the bridge across the ditch we could get there in time to bring a plate!


  1. That's has the feel of the USA trying to take over Canada with no bridge construction needed.

    I say hands off.

    Us less populated, quieter nations need to stick together.

  2. Got any ideas where the bridge would be built, from both our Western Island (ie. your turf) and from EnZed? If you aim for Taranaki, that bump on our western coast, there's a whopping great dormant volcano there. Maybe Ninety Mile Beach or thereabouts up north? If you aim south, there's the pesky Cook Strait to take into account ... unless you'd like to leave those of us on Te Ika o Maui completely out *sniff!*

  3. My husband tried to diss Anne Shirley last night. He got told off in no uncertain terms. Perhaps if he tries it again I will drown him. :grin:

  4. Lesbian Librarians?

  5. Nah, it's ok really, Elizabeth, it'll save all the Kiwis the airfare *snort*.
    Seriously, could anyone take over a country that has BIG men doing scary dances, more sheep than Aussies and who invented the Pavlova? :P

    How about we build it from 90 mile beach here in Victoria to Ninety Mile Beach in your neck of the woods, Lisa?
    No one could ever get lost!
    And we could play with some silly people's minds ;)

    That sounds like a reasonable plan, Marita!

    Yep, we did a double take on that, too, but that's what this source tells me, Scott!

  6. My Nan was there when they opened Luna Park... I wish there were pis. She was also right there on the Sydney Harbour Bridge when they cut the ribbon too... so amazing!
    Yep, build a bridge to NZ and I would drive across it with my kids for sure! I also have an 8 seater vehicle, so can take 2 more people for a ride :)

  7. A bridge across the ditch could cost quite a bit. We may all have to pitch in and help. Let's see...*smash*..(piggy bank hitting the floor)...I've got $25.65 here, who do I send it to to get this bridge started?
    Mmmm, pavlova....

  8. "1980 From 4th -11th ran the first Lesbian Librarians Week in both Wellington and Christchurch."

    Did any of them get into trouble for continuing to be lesbian after the week had expired?

  9. I shall start lobbying for this bridge immediately!!

  10. You could make a small fortune playing taxi across that bridge, Cazzie lol.

    I figure if we start now, River, we might be there in time for Pav on August 15, 2020 ...?

    Only those Very Naughty Boys who didn't have written permission from their Mummsies, Brian.

    We could pop over to see the Shamrock Clan more often, b ! ;)

  11. Scribbles in diary...August 2020, another birthday Pav....

  12. I have a few spare beds and could put some of you up for the night.

    So where the bloody hell are you?

  13. Better keep our bags packed, River!

    LMAO Nikki, I'm nicking Feral Beast's Lego blocks but I think I need more supplies....