Monday, October 12, 2009

October 13?! Unlucky Fr...Tuesday...?

And the month  just chugs along in history, behaving itself and turning up after 12 has finished showing off to all and sundry while 14 impatiently taps its clod-hopper in the wings...

1866 Quebec City was burned by a fire that destroyed 2,500 buildings and left between 18,000-20,000 people homeless.

1896 Those in NZ were blessed with the first public screening of a new-fangled motion pitcher on this 'ere day.
It was actually a collection of short fill-ums the details of which you may peruse 'ERE.

1945 The Canadian MPs got themselves a nice little pay rise of $2,000.
But, fear not! The Govt cut federal tax by 16%.

1973 The Australian & New Zealand College of Psychiatry Federal Council voted that homosexuality was not pathalogical disorder and deleted it from the manual.
Homophobia, on the other hand, is being considered as a new mental disorder.

1975 While some were progressive towards LGBT rights out in Eastwood the Marist School was sacking Michael Clohesy due to his advocating for gay rights.

1975 Whina Cooper led 5,000 marchers onto Parliament to present a petition, signed by 60,000 people, to bring a halt to the alienation of Maori lands.
More info HERE.

1986 Maurice "Mad Dog" Vachon hung up his pro wrestling jock strap and went out with a farewell gala in Paul-Sauve Arena.

2004 Cape York Aboriginal community of Aurukun celebrated the Federal Court rulings which recognised their native title rights and the fact they could co-exist along with pastoral leases.

New Zealand History Online - which is a pretty top site - has spotlighted Robyn Hyde as Kiwi of The Week.

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