Thursday, October 8, 2009

October is simply galloping away!

Oh, hello!
You returned after all,how very sporting of you!mrgreen
We colonial rulers do so like our villagers prostrating themselves at our feet, you know, so if you're having trouble finding a Xmas pressie for us "leftwing fascists" you only have to get the Cowboy, Indian, Construction Worker, Policeman and Army chaps to assume the position....
In the can sail the seven seas, in the Navy.....eek

1668 The first Franco-Huron College was opened at Quebec on this day.

1867 If you've not heard of Newfoundland's Captain William Jackman then may I suggest you follow this link to glean the full details of this amazing chap who swam through crashing surf to rescue 11 people from a boat wrecked on a reef.
Then he went back another 16 times to rescue the rest.

1893 For all those trivia buffs out there keep this one tucked away for that pub trivia night when you need a winner to collect that free chicken parma and pot;
John Montgomery Templeton was elected MLA for Yarrawonga and Benella BUT the election was declared void on November 1st which made Templeton the shortest serving MP.

1944 In Ottawa the Govt established the various depts for veteran's affairs, health, welfare and reconstruction.

1962 After much haggling a site for the Christchurch Town Hall was chosen in Kilmore Street.

1967 Just like Oz, NZ also had The Six o'clock Swill where men would gallop into the nearest pub after work and binge drink until 6 o'clock closing time then stagger home to their families.
Until today when it ended.

1973 The old mustard-coloured $50 buck-a-roony started dipping its toe into a select few pockets and purses.

1978 Popular Kiwi band Dragon who formed in NZ but shuffled off across the ditch to Oz (sorry, no, I wasn't the one to claim them for Oz) had everyone asking that pertinent question in the rock charts...Are You Old Enough?


  1. Wow - that captain was certainly of the "when men were men" era, wasn't he?

    And Dragon aren't ours? (taking the puss, NZ friends)

  2. Dragon are Aussies now, Jeanie (but we remember them rather fondly in EnZed, and don't mind sharing). ;-)