Sunday, October 11, 2009

Oh, crap, the racism is just pouring out of my mouth...

Was just wandering aimfully all over Oakleigh my local racist suburb that I cannot name for fear my stalker will trip over me one day when I made a note of Portman Street.
Starting at one end us racist bastard Aussies have a Vietnamese bakery beside a Thai restaurant opposite a Greek tavern.
2 doors up from the Greek Tavern is the new Indian food store which is 2 doors down from the Greek travel agency that is beside the Greek children's manchester store that is 2 doors down from the Chinese take away.
The Chinese take away is next to the Asian grocery store that is opposite the Afghan and Persian restaurant.
A little further up is the $2 shop run by Asian girls who don't speak a word of English but have lovely smiles which is next to the Greek butchers which is beside the Greek fishmongers which is next to the Laiki Bank that is near to the Greek deli which is beside another Greek butcher shop next to the Asian fishmongers.
Opposite is the Greek cake shop beside the Asian giftware store next to the Greek cafe next to the Asian shoe repairers beside the German butchers which is next to the Oakleigh Market which is a Heinze 57 collection of stall holders, which is beside the Italian bakery.
There aint no English, Irish or Scottish happening in this neck of the woods unless you count the Guiness on tap at the pub.
But we're racist bastard Aussies y'know.

I did notice, however, that a local store - owned and run by Asian yoofs - has for sale figurines playing a saxophone with the word "Jazz" across the figure's shirt.
The figure is an African-American.
Am I to scream RACISM as this is enforcing stereotypes?
I mean, where is the Harry Connick Jr figurine?
Where are the black teddy bears, dolls etc, or is that seen as RACISM?
Shouldn't the fact that Asians, Greeks, Italians, Afrian-Americans, Aboriginals and purple Martians are NOT represented in readily-available toys be seen as RACIST?
Could not find any dolls or teddys coloured a shade darker than pale - dare I say black?! -when Feral Beast was a baby. We knew about The Spouse's Indigenous grandmother and wanted our child to have something of his heritage....nope, forget it, nothing available.
So, I stupidly asked around for a gollywog for him - oh my stars, one would think I was asking for the home address of the KKK.
Surrounding children with pale-skinned dolls/teddies is sooooooooo healthy and soooooooo prepares them for a world filled with every colour of the rainbow, NOT.
Read in today's newspaper that there will be a black Barbie (Ooooo Racist bitch me said a bad word) coming out soon.
Coming out as in available in stores, not coming out as in a lesbian black Barbie (Oooo racist stereotypying bitch me said 2 bad words) which wouldn't be such a bad thing, come to think of it.
But I'd be told I was being RACIST so we'll stick to the pale-skinned GI Joes....


  1. Er...I seem to have wandered into the middle of something the origins of which are completely lost to me. I'll just bugger off again for me morning cuppa then...

  2. Cannot begin to tell you how broadly this made me smile!
    The hullabaloo going on all over the place is 100% utter crap isn't it?
    Us, one of the leading multicultural countries in the world are {apparently} racist.
    What a load of BS!
    Bloody well said!

  3. Oakleigh has a long history of being a favourite location for foreign born.

  4. Just a query: Any Pacific Island businesses in the neighbourhood? Something I noticed, last couple of times I've been to the West Island -- scarcity of Pacific Islanders. And PI businesses. Coming from Auckland, the largest Pacific Island city in the world in terms of population, that felt weird.

  5. I'm impressed that you've managed to avoid the shyte storm, Brian LOL.

    Thanks, Mo, and yeah it is crap.

    Andrew, it's like "half time, change sides" every couple of years lol.

    Actually, off the top of my head I can't think of any right at the moment, Lisa.
    I know when Feral Beast was (trying) to learn Maori that I couldn't find any groups/social events, language classes, etc, for him to attend.

  6. Maori have been involved with Australia going right back to the whalers and sealers in the 1780s and 1790s. They definitely have their own communities over there -- but seem to stay in the background, aside from the occasional news report of assaults etc. I have Niuean friends who stay with rels in Sydney now and then. But the only time I saw anything to do with the Pacific Islands in Australia was when I saw a group from the Cook Islands perform at the New Years celebrations on telly, 2003.

    Can't say I've been everywhere in Aussie, far from it -- but that lack seemed most odd. Almost as if the country did indeed look more to Asia than to the neighbouring Pacific region.

    I like Australia, but felt quite homesick over there through lack of any Pacific Island/Maori connection. I knew I was home in Auckland Airport when I saw the Pacific Island murals on the walls.

  7. Bit heavy on the Greeks in your neighbourhood Jayne. So I'd say Melbourne is like Adelaide that way, the Greeks live mostly in the western suburbs, (near the sea, cos they do fantastic fish'n'chips), the Italians have the eastern suburbs, (lots of little continental delis, smelling wonderfully of coffee and cheese), the rest of us, Aussies, Asians, Polish, Russians, Germans etc, we're scattered all over. I love the diversity.