Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Oh, how we laughed and loitered!

Oh, we pottered and trotted and ambled and wandered until we could no longer feel anything below our waists.
Then we hobbled home to hot chocolate, pork medallions grilled in plum marinade with pineapple and onions served on a bed of salad with Greek yoghurt dressing and more hot chocolate before settling down to watch 3.5 hours of Hey Hey It's Saturday, the 2nd and final reunion special.

1643 Jeanne Mance opened the first hospital in Montreal where she treated both the French and Indian populations for more than 30 yrs.

1768 President of The Royal Society, James Douglas gave James Cook advice when meeting Indigenous People ;
"exercise the utmost patience and forbearance with respect to the Natives of the several Lands where the Ships may touch". He also added, "shedding the blood of these people is a crime of the highest nature… they are the natural, and in the strictest sense of the word, the legal possessors of the several Regions they inhabit."

1941 Stan Graham went berserk on New Zealand's West Coast.
Read the details HERE.

1971 The Supreme Court of Canada ruled that, even though an Indian woman may be married to a non-Indian man, she does not lose her status as an Indian.

1989 The redesigned area of Victoria Square, in Christchurch, was reopened to the public.

2008 Four Indigenous lads from the Northern Territory were selected to play in the 2008 International Rules team against Ireland; Shaun Burgoyne, Daniel Motlop, Jarred Brennan and Matt Campbell.

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  1. Laughing and loitering, what a great way to spend a day. But I wouldn't end it with pork medallions. I hate pork. I'd substitute chicken.