Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Oh, look out, redneck wonderland is being impinged upon with todays' history babble...run for the hills!

I'm heading for the hills myself, with Feral Beast in tow, for the day.
We shall romp and play merrily as we frolic through the streets of...a distant semi-country town (which happens to have a killer bakery that serves a to-die-for chocolate milkshake) as we enjoy our day away from computers and schoolwork and stuff.
I will think of you, briefly, as we meander along the creek and take photos of the ducks attempting to rugby tackle their peers in the pursuit of breadcrumbs.
Unless of course it is pissing down then we'll just wave to the poultry from the warm, covered over shops....

1830 The Black Line began ; this was a human chain of troopers, settlers and convicts strung out across all the settled areas of Tasmania and, moving in both a southerly and eastward direction, Lt-Gov George Arthur hoped to corral all the Tasmanian Aboriginals to then remove them completely.
The Black Line managed to kill 3 and capture 2.

1864 The Lyster's Royal Italian and English Opera Company opened with a (short) 12 night season in The Shaky Isles of "Lucia di Lammermoor".

1958 The wonderful artist Albert Namatjira was sentenced to 6 months hard labour in gaol for the dreadful crime of having given alcohol to another Aboriginal person. His sentence was halved on appeal but the damage was done; by the time he was released from the Papunya Native Reserve Albert Namatjira had lost the will to live and died on August 8, 1959.

1964 The Eastern Ontario Institute of Technology was officially opened in Ottawa.

1966 New Zealand was rockin' to the Mop Tops aka The Beatles when Yellow Submarine hit the top of the charts.

1995 The Montreal Canadiens held a ceremony to officially retire famous goal-tender Jacques Plante's number 1 hockey sweater.
For some great re-enactment footage about Jacques the player click HERE.


  1. Take me away from painting. I want to come too. My invite went missing.

  2. Oy - a terrible day in Australian Aboriginal history, it seems.

    Enjoy the ducks.

  3. "I will think of you, briefly, as we meander along the creek..."

    I'm worried why you'd associate a creek with me.